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WWE Superstars Redux (March 27th, 2015): “Girl Bye” Steals Her Girl a Win

Evening guys! It is for me, over in rainy Wales. Wherever you are… good day! It’s Wrestlemania weekend and I have to be honest when I say this is one of the most exciting weekends of the year for me! I am so looking forward to the show Sunday night (LET’S GO BELLAS) and the Hall of Fame tonight. I usually cry when I watch it, even if I’m not particularly attached to any of the inductees. It’s just such a lovely celebration.

All that aside, I wasn’t actually expecting a match this week. Normally WWE goes all out to hype the biggest event of the year, but I suppose now that they’ve got the Network they don’t need to waste hours of programming. I’m pleased, obviously, because we get to see some of our lovely ladies kicking ass. It’s also nice that this has nothing to do with the Bellas/AJ and Paige feud. Don’t get me wrong; I am SO excited for their match. But I’m also glad that WWE chose to use Superstars to showcase some of their other divas, and do a bit of storytelling as they did. You’ll see what I mean.

So, Summer Rae vs. Emma. Let’s go!

Out first is Summer, accompanied by her BFF Cameron. Conspicious by her absence is their third BFF, Eva Marie. Alas, Emma follows Summer out to the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Emma’s new gear is flawless, by the way. Gorgeous. Can I have the heel turn I want, yet?

Before the ladies lock up, Summer takes some time to mock Emma’s… unconventional dance moves. Not one to be made fun of, Emma delivers a mean slap to the face of Summer to raucous cheers from the crowd. Summer is livid and moves to take Emma down, but Emma trips her up and pounds her pretty face into the mat repeatedly. A big drop kick later, Summer calls for the referee’s undivided attention, giving Cameron ample time to start swatting at Emma’s feet and getting into her head. Thanks to the distraction from the outside, Summer is able to nail a huge spinning heel kick to Emma. But it only gets her a count of one.

Summer goes right after Emma, covering her again but it’s still only a one count. Cameron looks fierce on the outside, by the way. Emma chants erupt around the arena as Summer locks Emma down in the middle of the ring. Things are looking tough for the Aussie, but she’s much more resilient than that. She fights hard to get out of Summer’s grasp, but only ends up back on the mat for her effort. A very suggestive cover follows suit, but Emma reverses and almost puts Summer away!

Summer now with a big leg drop and another pin attempt, this time scoring a two count. She’s thoroughly unimpressed with Emma refusing to stay down. Summer keeps Emma down with that favoured hold of hers, but Emma manages to get herself an opening! She finally mounts some offence, smacking Summer around with renewed enthusiasm, before locking in the dilEMMA, followed by the Emma Sandwich! She’s just about locked in the Emmalock when Cameron makes it her business yet again. Emma’s had enough, and nails Cameron with a kick to the back of the head. OUCH!

Summer’s sly, mind you, and she crawls up behind Emma just in the nick of time. With a roll up it’s one, two and three and Summer has stolen the win, thanks to an inadvertent assist from Cameron! Emma completely gutted, but Summer’s on cloud nine.

Thoughts: Not a bad match, by any means, but I’m not a fan of how long Summer had those holds locked in. I get that she’s trying to slow Emma down; Emma’s a quick competitor on her feet, has a lot of technical prowess and so Summer needs to work to keep her slow. I enjoyed the match on the whole. It’s always nice to watch two girls with history go at it; they know each other really well, so they know what they need to go for. As we saw here, it was Summer going after Emma’s energy. She knows if Emma’s full of it, she’ll be much harder to beat.

As for the assist from Cameron, that’s what I meant by storytelling. So Cameron and Summer (and possibly Eva Marie) are the mean girls now, and I love it. I always love a bitchy, get-shit-done heel, and while it wasn’t a clean finish it was still a notch in the win column. As for Emma… GIVE ME THE DAMN HEEL TURN.

That’s it from me until after Wrestlemania, folks! I’ll be live-tweeting the show (probably) so feel free to follow me over on Twitter. My handle is up under the title somewhere. Lastly, have a wonderful Wrestlemania, and leave me your predictions in the comments!

Until next time!

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