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WWE Superstars Redux (May 10th, 2012): Dispositions May Change, But Match Quality Never Suffers

HIIIIIIIIII (NXT Alicia Fox inspired greeting) Welcome to another bountiful Superstars Redux involving the Divas of WWE. This week, a rivalry gets revisited as Alicia Fox takes on Natalya in singles competition. We all remember these two facing off in some classic battles last year, one even lasting an astonishing 12 minutes, but this time, the dispositions have changed as Alicia is the peppy one and Natalya is pure evil. Will this affect their in ring chemistry?! Will Alicia or Natalya come out on top?! Will there be hair pulling and nail biting?! Let’s get started and find out!

Out to the ring we head to the upbeat sound of “PA-PA-PA-PARTAY”. Behind every perky theme song stands a beautiful Diva to walk out, and that rings true tonight as well with the sight of the red headed, fancy fox hood wearing, Alicia Fox! Alicia slaps some hands and steps inside the ring as we see a before and after shot of Foxy’s makeover on JTG. Up next enters the evil Natalya, decked out in her mini cape that she soon removes as she heads into the squared circle to the sight of Alicia Fox clawing.

The bell sounds as the two women tease each other a bit and lock up. Nattie takes the advantage with a wrist lock, as Foxy front flips out of it impressively. From there, Natalya does her fast handstand type move that I’ll likely never find a technical name for, and slams Alicia down to the canvas. Nattie taunts the Foxy one, as Alicia scores with a brief roll up. They engage in an all so familiar slap fight, ending with Natalya pushing Alicia back and running out the ring. Foxy soon follows behind and chases her right back in, before connecting with a punch.

Natalya sends Alicia into the corner, as Fox leaps up and over her. The redhead then goes for a killer boot, but Natalya dodges out of the way and Alicia falls back. Natalya tries for a cover, but does not attain the three. She then reverts to some head slamming and then begins to choke Alicia on the second rope with her boot. Fox is sent backwards, with Nattie going for a suplex that Fox turns into a small package for another close count. Natalya takes Alicia down once again, but this time applies her unique version of the abdominal stretch complete with “I… HATE… ALICIA.”

Fox tries to fight out, and finally does score a nice arm drag to send Natalya into the corner. Nattie with an elbow to the face, but Alicia bridges back with the matrix and then rolls back into an awesome headscissors! Alicia finally mounts her comeback with a back elbow off the second rope and a Northern Lights for a near fall. Fox goes for the Scissors Kick, but Natalya quickly grabs her and applies the Sharpshooter! Alicia tries to break out of the brutal move, but Alicia ultimately must give in and Natalya takes the victory.

Thoughts: Loved this match! I’ve said how Superstars matches can be hit or miss for me, but this one was definitely a hit. Alicia and Natalya always put on great matches together and have some of the best chemistry in the division in my opinion, and tonight was no exception. I especially liked a lot of the moves Alicia did including that matrix headscissors, for sure, but also Natalya’s quick counters to a lot of Fox’s moves. I would definitely like to see more showings between the two, because even though it’ll be hard to top the 12 minute match they had before, there’s nothing wrong with coming a close second!

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