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WWE Superstars Redux (May 27th, 2016): Natalya’s Sharpshooter Shuts Up Summer

[media-credit name=”WWE” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″]Summer vs Natalya[/media-credit]

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been quite the busy Bank Holiday here in the UK, and now that all of the partying has come and gone, I’m going to sit down with you and watch this week’s WWE Superstars, the first episode in quite the while to feature WWE’s female athletes. The episode just gone featured a scorned Natalya against Summer Rae. Summer is never to be underestimated, known for pulling a quick win out of the bag when you least expect it. Although she is quite the cunning and crafty one, can she overcome Nattie, who is annoyed at losing her WWE Women’s Championship match?

Thoughts: This match didn’t set my world alight but you can always count on Nattie and Summer to deliver a solid match with their great chemistry. Addressing the parts that I thought were slightly lackluster, I wasn’t a fan of the way Summer shifted the momentum. Throwing Nattie to the mat by her hair is a little too basic for my liking. Moments like that during a bout can help make a match on one of WWE’s D shows really stand out. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be remembering this one years down the line… unlike Nattie’s match on Superstars in 2011 when Alicia bit her fingernail off. Now that is memorable!

I also wasn’t a fan of Natalya just winning with the Sharpshooter out of nowhere. Summer just beat down her legs and Nattie just all of a sudden has the strength to lock in the Sharpshooter?

Thankfully, there were some positives to take away from this. I thought the way Natalya reversed Summer’s Indian death lock was really neat, and I also loved Summer’s transition from that submission to a pin attempt when she had applied it for a second time.

Overall here, we get ourselves a cute little match that I’m glad was able to happen. It’s always good to see Summer get utilised – although it would be nice to see her win for once too. It’s crazy how she has gone from a mega bitch on NXT leading the BFFs to losing everytime there is a women’s match on Superstars. Hear our cries WWE, we want a push for Summer!

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