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WWE Superstars Redux (September 13th, 2012): Natalya Faces Alicia Fox, But Will a Home Crowd Be Enough to Aid Her in Victory?

Hello there, everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Superstars Redux. This week we’ve got another Divas match, in the form of my personal favorite opponents, Alicia Fox and Natalya. Will the Anvilette overcome the Foxy one in her home turf of Canada? There’s only one way to find out!

Following the entrances of both Nattie and Alicia, the bell sounds and they lock up. Alicia proceeds to shove Nattie back and apply a wristlock, but Natalya flips out and takes Fox down. She begins a “Canada! Canada!” taunt, but Alicia reverses the hold and mocks her opponent. Natalya finally kips up, and they both go to lock up again. Nattie with an arm drag, but as she runs into the corner, Alicia rolls into a sunset flip. Natalya flips out and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Alicia holds onto the ropes and forces the referee to get Natalya off her. Nattie with a monkey flip, but Alicia nicely flips out and leaps over Nattie. She goes for a headscissors, but Natalya drops her down stomach first and again attempts the Sharpshooter. Alicia breaks out again, but gets a kick to the jaw for her troubles. Natalya then flips her over in a kick, as Foxy begs for a time out and handshake.

Natalya shakes her hand, but it proves to be a trick as she attacks her and gets a quick roll up for a two count. Alicia decides to head outside and slam Natalya’s cape on the ground, sparking Natalya to charge after her. Fox throws it in her face, but this irks Natalya enough to smack her! Alicia with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, before taking Natalya into the corner with some slams to the face. Alicia scores with a slap, and locks in a leg scissors submission hold! The crowd wills Natalya on, and she manages to hoist Alicia up while the hold is still locked in. She flips it into a bodyslam attempt, but Alicia falls on top of her and gets a two count. Nonetheless, she hits a huge clothesline on Natalya and goes for a running kick, but Natalya catches her and transitions it into the Sharpshooter, forcing Alicia to tap!

Thoughts: Another great match on Superstars from the Divas. Much like every time Alicia and Natalya compete against one another, I still feel they have the best chemistry of any two Divas that spring to mind. The matches are all so stiff that it feels like more than just going through the motions, and they seem to have fun in there as well with the various tactics and taunts they perform. A lot of the matches on Superstars tend to fall into the same category of it just happening for no reason other than to fill time, but I tend to notice that the Divas actually go all out on Superstars as opposed to some of the mens’ matches I’ve seen there. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that the Divas don’t get that time elsewhere and thus they want to make every match unique and entertaining, while some of the Superstars maybe are here for one week but on SmackDown or Raw the next. Nonetheless, I loved this match but with who was involved I never doubted that. No idea what their dispositions are, however… honestly when Natalya and Alicia face each other I don’t really care because it’s so entertaining on it’s own right without having to worry about the small things.

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