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WWE Superstars Redux (September 25th, 2014): Naomi’s Craftier Than a Fox

Welcome, Diva fans, to this week’s Superstars Redux! We got a double dose of Naomi this week as she pulled double duty on both Main Event and Superstars, and last night she took on the one and only Alicia Fox. Curious as to how our favorite wild card is doing? Me too! Let’s get right down to it.

Naomi heads out first, and enters the ring in true Naomi fashion. The always gorgeous Renee Young in on commentary, and Alicia Fox is heading out next. (I’m eternally jealous of Renee Young. All you Ambrose lovers know what I’m saying.)

Renee points out that Alicia does have cause to envy Naomi, who is one of the stars of Total Divas and who has a great marriage (she clearly hasn’t seen the preview for next week. Tables be flippin’.) Alicia and Naomi waste little time in sizing each other up and get right to work, locking up as the referee calls for the bell.

Naomi takes an early lead but Alicia soon turns things around and gets quite physical, knocking Naomi down to the mat and locking in an arm bar. Naomi’s athleticism shines through once again as she gets herself out of a tough spot and utilizes the same move she used on Paige a few days ago. It’s executed much better against Alicia and Naomi connects with a stiff kick to the jaw.

Alicia is, ahem, not impressed by this turn of events and turns on Naomi. She growls (I think it’s a growl? I’m trying to think of what the opposite of meow is) and Naomi is just kind of done with it.

Alicia sees red and knocks Naomi down before attempting a suplex, which Naomi quickly reverses into a pin attempt. She gets a two count for her efforts, and then knee to the gut for good measure. Naomi gets all up in Alicia’s face (quite literally) but Alicia’s not so keen on the view and drops Naomi with a kick the chest.

Alicia throws Naomi around like her personal play thing and applies a hold, but Naomi fights out. It’s a brief comeback, as Alicia soon puts Naomi down with an impressive back breaker. Alicia gets a two count, and she’s very unhappy about it.

Alicia’s doing best to keep Naomi grounded, but the fans egg Naomi on and soon she’s back to fighting spirit. Alicia attempts to cut off her attempts again, positioning herself on the top rope, but Naomi flies in with an amazing inseguri that knocks a few blocks off Alicia’s Lego set (i.e. her head).

Naomi back in the game with some fierce dropkicks and a great running hurricanrana, but a well timed elbow from Alicia knocks her down yet again. Naomi’s having to dig deep in this match in order to come back, as Renee and Tom remind us that Alicia is a former Divas Champion.

(An Undefined one, actually, but we don’t talk about that.)

Alicia plays with Naomi a little, dragging her around by the hair, but Naomi’s well prepared and flies into a roll up, which she quickly turns into a submission hold! It’s the Slayomition! (I see what you did there.)

Alicia taps almost immediately, and Naomi walks away with two very impressive showings in one week. She’s walking right down Number One Contender’s Lane.

Thoughts: Naomi looked great in this match, and Foxy is always impressive when she’s being crazy but the question remains; where are these ladies headed? Alicia came firing out of the gate a few months back against Paige, and it really looked like she was becoming a force to be reckoned with. Since AJ’s return, she’s sunk back in the shadows. I’m not dissing AJ, but Alicia was plainly a place holder until she came back. Where does she go from here? (Personally I’d prefer to see her on Total Divas over Rosa, but there we are.)

Naomi. Naomi, Naomi, Naomi. Somebody give her a championship already! Even if you don’t connect with her, you can’t disagree that she’s easily one of the most – if not the most – dynamic diva in WWE right now. She does things that the others don’t. She flies high and makes it look effortless. She’s just great, and needs a run with the belt, like, yesterday.

Triple Threat, submission-only match? Paige vs. AJ vs. Naomi? UM YES PLEASE.

That’s all for this week, folks. See you next Wednesday! x

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