Monday, July 22, 2024

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WWE’s Exclusive TV Rights Deal With Fox And NBC To End In 2024

WWE has been airing its TV programming on USA Network (NBC parent company) and Fox which will come to an end in 2024. A report by the New York Post reveals some information as the window to negotiate new deals with NBC and Fox has expired. The contracts end in October of next year.

From the New York Post report, there is interest from both Amazon and Disney to pick up WWE programming. Disney is proposing to us the FX Network as the new home for WWE TV as opposed to ESPN. The reason for this is that ESPN cannot promise a weekly night show for WWE. There are too many game days to solely give WWE to Monday nights for instance.

Amazon, with its Prime Video streaming service, will also be in talks for WWE programming. If this happens, it would see WWE move from cable to a streaming platform officially.

The report also lists Apple and Warner Bros. Discovery as “Dark Horse” suitors. WBD is the media partner of All Elite Wrestling.

These media rights discussions come after the announcement of Endeavor acquiring majority ownership of WWE. Endeavor is currently merging WWE and UFC.

More time will tell where WWE programming will wind up with over a year left on its current deal.

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