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Xplosion Write-Up (March 25th, 2015): Wreaking Havok Resurfaces

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this delayed edition of Xplosion Write-Up. Apologizes for the holdup review on TNA’s secondary show this week, along with there being a bit of trouble finding a link to this week’s show, there was also me trying to catch up with everything else happening during the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. Nevertheless, time and link finally surfaced and on this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion, I can finally dust off that “Havok Deserves a Rematch” button from the shelves as we’re finally getting to see that rematch between Taryn Terrell and former Knockouts champion Havok. Sure, it isn’t happening on TNA’s main show and it isn’t for the title but let’s just take what we can shall we?

Making her way to the ring first is the defiant Havok, who looks as though she hasn’t missed a step since being absent from a TNA ring. Hot mess Taryn Terrell makes her entrance next and she runs all around the outside ring, making sure to salute as many of the fans in attendance as any good golden girl would before stepping into the ring. The bell rings and the two Knockouts meet in the center for a tie-up, with Havok being able to overpower Taryn early on, shoving her across the ring.

After an intimidating glare from Havok, the two assemble in the middle for a second time tie-up with Havok once again being able to throw Taryn off her course. Back on her feet again, Taryn switches up her strategy by going behind Havok but Havok’s size proves to be an advantage as she manages to corner Taryn to a turnbuckle. After landing a right forearm to Taryn, Havok charges full speed towards Taryn who manages to move out of the way in time.

As Taryn looks to take advantage of Havok’s missed attack by climbing the second rope, she is shoved away from Havok. With Taryn flat on her back, Havok looks to connect a leg drop to Taryn but speed once again favors Taryn, who rolls away to safety while managing to feed Havok with a running dropkick of her own and into the pin attempt of the match but only getting a two count.

With the match still going, Taryn tries to put Havok away with a kick to the midsection and combines it with a swinging neck breaker for a second effort at getting the pinfall win but it’s still not enough to keep Havok down for the three count. Instead of looking to try another attack from the ground, Taryn switches it up and climbs the top rope for some high flying maneuvers but Havok has other plans, as she completely tosses Taryn off the turnbuckle before she can get her feet off.

With Taryn thrown off her game, Havok takes control of the match by side slamming Taryn onto her knee and bending Taryn’s back using the very same knee. As we head into a break, Havok remains in control of Taryn, choking her with the lower ropes.

Upon the return from the break, Taryn begins to fight back against Havok, hitting a few forearms onto Havok. Taryn runs the ropes only to be taken down by a hard clothesline from Havok who then goes for her first pin attempt of the match. When Taryn is able to kick out, Havok then maneuvers Taryn to a corner and begins targeting her midsection, throbbing against head first only to stop as the official begins his count for a DQ.

With the damage done, Havok tosses Taryn over her shoulder with ease and sets her up with a submission to slow Taryn down even more. Havok lets go of her hold when she decides to pulps Taryn’s face to the mat as well as pulling Taryn’s hair in the process.

Havok looks to continue her dominance over Taryn with a body slam but Taryn is able to get out the way and instead sends Havok to a turnbuckle face first. Climbing the second rope, Trayn uses all her might to flip Havok over; a pretty amazing move if you ask me. Taryn gaining momentum goes from clothesline to clothesline to clothesline until she brings Havok to the ground. When she does. Taryn climbs the second rope again in this match and this time connects her dropkick to Havok, going for the pin and coming short at the count of two.

Still feeling lucky, Taryn climbs the top rope and connects her crossbody to Havok. It’s another cover from Taryn but even after all that, Havok is able to kick out. Taryn stays grounded once back on her feet and kicks Havok in the midsection before running the ropes. Havok puts a stop to Taryn when she lands a big boot to Taryn as she makes her way back to Havok’s direction.

With Taryn slowed down, Havok looks to put her opponent away, first by sending Taryn to the turnbuckle and then by squashing her using her body. As Taryn stumbles into the middle of the ring, Havok clutches her throat to set her up for the Harlot Slayer chokeslam and tells her “It’s over now!”.

It does prove over now but not for Taryn as she counters Havok’s chokeslam with her Sugar Rush finisher out of nowhere and getting the three count win!

Thoughts: A very fun and solid match for the Knockouts on Xplosion this week. One big plus of having the Knockouts featured on Xplosion is that they will almost given a fair amount of time for their matches. Something that the Knockouts always make the most of even no matter what show they’re on or how much time they get.

It was really great seeing Havok back inside a TNA ring after being MIA for a few months. I’ve really missed her presence, as she was someone who came in TNA in a memorable fashion and this was a nice litlle reminder that Havok is still lurking around in TNA. She can have these exhibition matches on Xplosion where she would still be able to wrestle without getting heavily involved with what’s going on on the main show until she’s fully back.

As always, Taryn looked like a fighter and I was really glad to see some new moves pulled out of her bag, such as the flip from the turnbuckle. Unlike her last encounter with Havok, there was no Gail Kim presence but I don’t really think Gail’s presence was all needed for Taryn to put on a good show against Havok. She was impressive with the momentum being built as she was constantly looking to look to put away Havok. The finish was unexpected and it added more of a surprise element to the match.

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