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Xplosion Write-Up (October 18th, 2014): A Hot Mess Match-Up

Hola Knockout fans! We’ve got some Knockouts action on this week’s episode of TNA’s other show Xplosion where we have Velvet Sky taking on Taryn Terrell!

Always being the angel on her shoulder, Angelina Love is at ringside accompanying her Beautiful People partner Velvet where she and Taryn tie-up to start things up.

Taryn gets the upper hand as she rears Velvet to a corner. Velvet wants none of this and she orders the referee to get Taryn off of her.

The two meet in the center again where this time Velvet gets in some offense with an attack from behind with a side of heel taunting for good measures.

Taryn just rolls her eyes as Velvet mocks her and the two tie up again before Velvet locks in a headlock.

Looking for a way out, Taryn breaks from Velvet’s hold by whipping her to the ropes coming and taking Velvet down with a shoulder block.

Taking a page from Velvet’s book, Taryn goes for a headlock of her own next to which Velvet manages to break out of by sending Taryn to the ropes only to be taken down by yet another shoulder block.

From the outside, Angelina calls for her friend to lend an ear and she whispers some strategy as we go to a quick commercial break.

As we come back from the break, Velvet picks up on Angelina’s advice and challenges Taryn to a test of might.

Velvet raises her right arm, to which Taryn answers by raising her left arm. Hmm…? An irritated Velvet brings down her raised right arm and raises her left arm to meet with Taryn’s except Taryn brings down that raised left arm to bring her right arm to the air! The arm raising switch-a-roo sequence continues until Taryn decides she’s done playing and begins to just shake it off; she shakes, shakes, shakes it off!

Up to a turnbuckle, Taryn goes for a high flying maneuver but is knocked off by an interfering Angelina. Velvet takes advantage by going for a cover but only gets a two count.

Velvet sends Taryn to the corner one more time, striking a few kicks before flinging Taryn off. Only getting a one count cover, Velvet goes for a grounded headlock.

Taryn elbows her way out of it, giving Velvet a kick to the gut along with a snap neck breaker. Taryn sends Velvet to the corner and goes for a running strike but Velvet dodges and counters with a running bulldog following a pin attempt.

Taryn kicks out and suddenly Velvet unjustified at the referee’s count. She gets in Earl Hebner’s face and raises her hand to land a good smack on him but he catches her arm. He pulls Velvet in to his grasp and just before he pulls what appears to be a Crazzy Steve lip lock, he drops Velvet to the mat and tries to calm down a furious Angelina from the outside.

Velvet tries to get back at the touchy Earl by attacking from behind only to hit Angelina instead. A distracted Velvet is hit with cutter by Taryn who covers and gets the three count for the win!

A little on the broadcast, we meet Gail Kim backstage, who recalls losing her championship match to Havok a few weeks ago. Gail Kim says she’s faced all kinds of opponents in the past: big, small, mean and baddest of them all. She’s ready for her rematch against Havok once she’s 100% and promises to deliver upon her return! Get well Gail!

Thoughts: A choppy contest in my opinion.

Not a whole mot action taking place during this match. There were some awkward spots and some odd camera editing of the audience in between the match. Still, it was probably suppose to just be a “fun” match being that this was on Xplosion and all.

That’s Xplosion for this week Knockout fans! Hasta luego!

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