Monday, July 15, 2024

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YES! More Diva Search Rejects!

For those of you watching ECW last night and wondered who Teddy Long’s lovely assistant was, wonder no longer! Apparently, she is Taryn Terrell, a castoff of 2007’s Diva Search who has been in developmental ever since.

I have fuzzy memories of this past Diva Search (partially because I tend to mentally block out things that upset me), but I can recall not liking this chick. She seemed generic and rather unspectacular. But hey, maybe some time in developmental did her some good. But seriously WWE, maybe you should start harvesting crops in trained indy girls with years of experience instead of these half-assed human weeds. I though you were done with this “hiring Diva Search rejects” crap. Curious about her? I can feel your interest piquing! Well, click here to visit her MySpace page.

I also did some scrounging (AKA searching on Youtube) and found a video that probably shows the extent of her abilities. Keep in mind, I’m not selling her short – I just have safely low expectations. Check out Taryn and fellow contestant Lyndy (who?) doing.. um.. well, I honestly don’t know:

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