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Your Two Cents: Knockouts Knockdown Signings

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: Of the indy names that appeared at Knockouts Knockdown, who should TNA sign? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • @AlisaCKost: Definitely Jessicka Havok. I can see her being the biggest heel in TNA.
  • @Big_Thor_Dawg: easily between Reby Sky and Maxine. Both are epic performers and will bolster the Knockouts! Nothing but love for both.
  • @BorisGlisic: Maxine definitely. I want to see her the most. But I would happy too if they sign other wrestlers.
  • @DeweyDazzle: Easily Maxine. She’d be a fierce heel and maybe even a great addition to The Beautiful People!
  • @DKapias: They should sign Maxine. She will be great in TNA as the bad girl. Maybe even she could have a wedding with Ethan Carter III. I would love that.
  • Ignacio Svetliza: Scarlett Bordeaux! She deserves the opportunity so bad. She has been working so hard in ROH. Who better than her to get a chance to be a Knockout?
  • Martin Bentley: Veda Scott would be a great TV character and Jessicka Havok would be the big woman TV women’s wrestling desperately needs. I selfishly want Mia Yim still on the indies for a while though.
  • @NotSoUpForHeart: All of them! What is so exciting about the Knockouts PPV is every wrestler being unique and having already a reputation!
  • @numero0047: Veda Scott! I think it’s time for us to have a Pro Wresquire burst onto the main scene.
  • @oneweaklink: I’m torn – if only because TNA’s status is up in the air with the TV issues and if they sign them it’ll basically end their indy bookings since they can’t appear on iPPV or DVD – but Jessicka Havok and Veda Scott if they can get things settled.
  • @pikatrick: I’ve always been an advocate for Mia Yim. She has that joshi style and international appeal. Why hasn’t she been signed yet?!
  • Scott Johnson: Jessicka Havok would be a fantastic monster role. Veda can work a great face or heel. Mia has grown into an exciting wrestler and would shine. Marti Belle would be a great girl to get in and shape into a star.
  • @SirCharlieee: Weren’t The Beautiful People looking for a new member? Who better to be an enforcer than Jessica Havok? She’ll play the beast to their beauty!
  • @WrasslinChick: Definitely Reby Sky. She has not only proved herself but it an amazing gorgeous and talented woman whose skills go way beyond!
  • Yuna Zoey: Ooh, it’s a toss up between Jessica Havok and Mia Yim for me. But I would choose both and show some of the male “talent” the door. Jessica because she could be the monster heel of the division, destroying all the Barbie dolls and Mia because she is just plain awesome.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Which Knockouts Knockdown performers should TNA sign?

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