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Zoey Stark Turns On Nikkita Lyons After Failing To Win Tag Team Gold

Nikkita Lyons will need to find a new tag team partner.

Lyons and Zoey Stark are no more as Stark attacked her after they failed to win tag team gold on the Nov. 8 episode of NXT. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter remain NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. With this win, they will make it to 100 days as champions.

The first women’s match of the night had Elektra Lopez taking on Sol Ruca. Lopez made her return two weeks ago and attacked Ruca and Indi Hartwell after the two had a match that Hartwell was victorious. This week, Lopez would defeat Ruca in a competitive match. Post-match, Hartwell hasn’t forgotten that Lopez attacked her two weeks ago and would do the same. The two brawled to end the segment.

Hartwell would appear twice later in the show. Once in an interview and another time speaking to Roxanne Perez. Hartwell basically explains her attack on Lopez saying that she is finally learning how things go around here. Nobody has her back and nobody is her friend.

Other women on the show included a vignette for Cora Jade as she addressed Wendy Choo, and Kiana James met Fallon Henley at her bar. James seemed to be interested in buying Henley’s bar in order to build condominiums but Henley wasn’t for the offer.

Ava Raine would be ringside as Joe Gacy took on Grimes. Raine was the reason for Grimes losing the match as she pushed him off the top turnbuckle.

As for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match, it took place in the main event. The match broke down with some miscommunication between Stark and Lyons. The champions took advantage and would execute their neckbreaker/450 splash combination as Carter pinned Stark.

Post-match, Stark and Lyons were handing the belts to the champions. Even though Lyons was showing good sportsmanship, Stark didn’t want to let go of the belt. She used the belt to clock Lyons in the head before targeting Chance and Carter who were able to get out of the ring. Stark then refocused her attack on Lyons.

Stark stood over Lyons to end the show.

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