The WWE do like to throw a curveball at us now and again, but last night just left me with a big overwhelming sigh. I remember just over a year ago, I joined Diva Dirt and was super hyped about the brand extension and with that came Sasha Banks’ first title reign. Now a year later, she’s defending her title for the fourth time for her fourth reign… it’s safe to say that the feeling isn’t the same.

Our appetiser for tonight’s action starts with a backstage segment with Emma and Mickie James. Much like last week, Emma is still unhappy that she’s not being given the recognition she deserves for starting the Women’s Revolution. Mickie calls her delusional, especially since Nia Jax made easy work of her last week and ‘#GiveEmmaCPR’ was trending last week. So once again, Mickie issues a challenge and says that if Mickie loses, Emma can never say that she started the Women’s Revolution… but if she loses, then Mickie has to tweet anything that Emma has to say.

Fast forward to the match and it’s another quick affair. Emma debuts a new theme, which I can only describe is something from Christina Aguilera’s Bionic phase… it’s a no from me. They tend to be evenly matched throughout and it’s much in the same vein of their previous encounters – Mickie with her upbeat striking offence going against Emma’s more slow and aggressive nature. The end of the match sees Mickie hit a kick on Emma and she attempts to do a Sunset Flip, but Emma gets the better of her and sits on her for the 3 count! The losing streak is over and Emma beats Mickie!

After the match, Emma grabs a microphone and takes a microphone shouting that she started the Women’s Revolution as she walks up the rampway. She continues it backstage on the RAW Fallout, but this time she’s complaining that she needs merchandise and ‘made’ the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley, so she deserves a hashtag! So she comes to the conclusion that she needs to start a #GiveEmmaATShirt to voice her problems!

For our main event for the night, we know that Alexa Bliss is going to use her rematch clause to battle Sasha Banks for the RAW Women’s Championship. Ahead of the match, we catch her at an interview where she brings up the fact that Sasha has never successfully defended the title before. Tonight, she aims to expose the Boss and everyone will see the Goddess reclaim her throne.

Next up, our new Champion Sasha Banks is interviewed and claims that while Alexa is right with her comments about never successfully defending the title, she aims to change that and make history. She aims to put her in her place and having the crowd chant “You Tapped Out!” by the end of the night!

Time now for the maaaainnnn event with Alexa Bliss making her way out first, followed by the 4-time RAW Women’s Champion Sasha.

The start of this match is quite a fast pace with Bliss going on the early offence, but Banks is also on the mark to try and take out Alexa’s arms. After feeling each other out, it’s Sasha that gets the offence when she hits her signature double knees on Alexa to the outside of the ring.

When we come back from the break, it’s Alexa who is now on the offence. The ident recaps Alexa throwing Sasha into both the barricade and the side of the ring during the commercial break, which has turned the tide of the match. Alexa then continues in traditional Bliss-style with her chokeholds and scrappy offence to try and slow down The Boss. When Sasha is able to gain some offence, she attempts to do her running knees and roll up Alexa, but she’s taken out with a slick looking Sunset Flip!

Alexa can only score the near fall, but gives Sasha a nasty forearm to squash any momentum. She goes for her old Glitz Flip, but Sasha rolls up and hits a shining wizard for her own near fall! After a bit more action, Sasha goes up top but gets knocked on the top turnbuckle – Alexa climbs up and manages to hit a Superplex on The Boss!

Slowly Alexa manages to roll onto Sasha for a cover, but she’s countered into a Banks Statement! Alexa managed to then roll Sasha into a pinfall and uses her momentum to throw her into the ropes. Choosing her time wisely, Alexa hits a devastating DDT to get the 1.. 2.. 3! Sasha Banks loses her title in another short reign and Alexa Bliss is once again the RAW Women’s Champion!

Coming out to celebrate is Alexa’s mate, Nia Jax! Applauding her mate and smiling as she walks down to the ring, Nia raises Alexa’s arm in victory! She then charges at Sasha in the corner to add insult to injury. Nia then puts alex on her shoulder to raise up her new Champion… but her expression changes and she dumps Alexa with an Electric Chair Drop!

Nia grabs the RAW Women’s Championship and raises it above her now former freind to indicate that she’s coming for that title as the show closes.

When asked about her actions on Fallout, Nia makes it clear that she’s tired of waiting. Now, she wants to make her own opportunities.

Thoughts: So from this week’s Redux title and my intro paragraph, I’m pretty sure you can tell that I’m annoyed with the action on this week’s RAW. We’ve seen the crowd absolutely turn on Bayley, we’ve got Sasha Banks once again losing a title after her first defence, we get Emma’s losing streak ending for a pointless B-feud and we have Nia Jax standing tall in the most obvious turn ever… a woman who has lost every single #1 Contendership opportunity since her main roster debut – what are they doing with the RAW women?!

As the title of my review suggests… what’s the point?

What was the point in Sasha Banks losing the title again? The title on her set up the perfect picture for the heel turn that we are dying for and it would have been a great set-up for the crowd to like Bayley again. Let’s also add to how this is the FOURTH time that she has lost the title on her first defence, which completely dashes her credibility. We all hated the hot potato reigns last year and it burned out our interest in Sasha, fast forward a year and it’s another blip in the record books. I don’t even want to see her have her rematch with Alexa because I would actually flip out if she won the title again.

What was the point in Emma changing her theme and breaking her losing streak? First off, this new theme is a mess. As I mentioned, it sounds like something from Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ phase and we all know how that went… Emma has been on a losing streak since she made her return and while this wasn’t acknowledged, it made perfect sense for her character. Now, they’ve jobbed out Mickie James (another women that has been booked horrifically) and they’re going down this ‘Emma started the Revolution’ angle. I love Emma, but seeing her bang on about something from 2013 has been done. There could have been so much potential with Emma in general, but it seems like they have no idea what to do with her.

What was the point in Alexa winning the title? Now, while I see that everyone is polarised with Alexa – her last few matches with Sasha have been a very strong run. However, her character needs some refreshing. Losing the title knocked her off her perch a bit and would have been a fun way to revitalise her character to chase back her gold, but instead she’s got the title back… and it’s pretty much back to where we were when she came to RAW the first time. I give it until Survivor Series when we start getting bored of her gimmick unless they really switch things up during this reign.

Finally, what was the point in Nia Jax turning on Alexa now? I mean… this has been brewing for awhile, but it could have been done ages ago and now really isn’t the time. Nia has impressed now and again, but if they wanted to pull this trick then they really should have pulled it off for Summerslam instead of giving Sasha this pointless reign. I get that they’ve been holding the finger on Nia and she definitely has improved, but I’m still not convinced. For me, I just feel like this should have been done following triple threats – but instead we’ve wasted our time investing in a 6 week program which will forever be etched in history with a pointless 7 day Championship reign.

Overall, it’s just really messed up booking and when you have a solid tournament with better booking choices in the Mae Young Classic, then it really shows that there’s a big creative problem on RAW.

Do you think I’m being too harsh? Are you interested in seeing Nia VS Alexa? Do you think Sasha will ever get a decent reign? Are you a fan of Emma’s new theme? You know the drill!

  • I would have been perfectly fine with this if this all happened at SummerSlam and Sasha’s win never happened. Jesus save this girl some embarrassment WWE.

    • Charlie Flickinger


    • Jtiera


    • ???

      Agree !! Why ?? Just to make Sasha looks like an idiot who runs her mouth ?

  • Charlie Flickinger

    Bleh. I’m so over the WWE at this point. My husband and I were planning to restart our WWE membership, but this whole mess just made me exnay that.

  • GEO
  • Nadia

    So the booking of Alexa Bliss is pass the point of being a problem imo. 4x Champion in 9 months, 20+ straight Title matches without an outstanding match, cuts promos on faces calling them joke Champions/Losers and than continues to beat them clean as a whistle. WWE really wonders why the baby face are struggling to stay over? An 8 day reign has shot Sasha’s credibility to hell.?

    Why give Sasha the Championship? WWE should have just run Sasha/Alexa at Summerslam and have this same exact finish there without giving Sasha the Title.Terrible booking. I feel bad for Sasha. Just keep her way from Bliss and Nia going forward.

    • #BrieForPeace ?

      preach all of this. Alexa has been pushed as far as Charlotte to the point nobody can stand it anymore because they win even if their victory helps nothing and does nothing for the whole division. The fact that all of her MR matches have been subpar compared to her NXT matches speaks volumes how WWE is simply capitalizing off of her brand and look and telling her to just be decent enough.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      Don’t try to compare Alexa’s reigns on smackdown to her runs on raw. Raw has done nothing but repeats from day one with this “revolution” so it is no surprise they are copying her smackdown run. All raw does is rinse and repeat what has previously worked for someone rather than being creative and actually progressing them.

    • Buffyrocks

      I literally just said the same thing on another forum. You have Alexa call Bayley/Sasha losers and then you have her beat them cleanly and we all wonder why some of the crowds are turning on Sasha/Bayley. AGAIN, this is not the fault of Alexa, but the piss poor booking. We can only see Alexa humiliate a face and beat them cleanly before we say, “OK yeah, those opponents were jokes. But now what is next?” It does no favors to Alexa as a heel in the long run, and it certainly does no favors to Bayley and Sasha.

      Something else I’ve pointed out elsewhere: Bliss is not bad in the ring. I would say she is incredibly decent. She just happens to be in WWE at a time when a majority of the women (especially those waiting in the NXT/MYC wings to be called up) are far better than decent.

    • Jo9834

      In a way, i’m glad they actually gave Sasha the title, if anything she can add a notch to her belt despite the ridiculous booking, in ten years time it wont matter that she had a bunch of flash in the pan title reigns, all that will matter are the number of reigns she had and her standout moments as a performer.

      I think with the finals of the Mae Young Classic approaching, they are prepping the 4HW vs 4HW feud hence none of the girls being in the title picture right now.

      Alexa vs Nia should be entertaining, however its how Asuka fits into the picture that will be the most intriguing proposition in weeks to come.

      • perceval

        If they were planning a Horsewomen thing, they wouldn’t make the WWE Horsewomen nothing but jobbers. 3 Horsewomen buried, Charlotte will be next.

  • Jtiera
  • BLKLTR05

    I posted this in the original post telling us that Alexa won the championship yet again but I’m going to post it again because it’s the fucking truth:

    Creative at Raw needs a shakeup, fucking fire everybody and hire people who actually know how to put on a good show! Vince McMahon needs to keep his dirty paws off of the division and let HHH handle business on that front. And people SERIOUSLY need to stop blaming Alexa for the opportunities handed to her. ALL of you know that if you were in her position, you’d be saying “yes sir,” “thank you, sir” just like Charlotte and Sasha have in the past. Truth be told, Sasha shouldn’t have won the championship at Summerslam to begin with. She doesn’t need the title nor does she deserve it. She was only in the match because Bayley is injured anyway. These short as fuck reigns aren’t adding anything to the championship, in fact they are tarnishing it, and with it they are tarnishing Sasha Banks, who deserves better.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      THIS!!!! Fans should really stop blaming Alexa as if she has creative control

      • Nadia

        Just like fans should have blamed Charlotte and Sasha last year but they continue to blame the talent.

    • #BrieForPeace ?

      I don’t think people are blaming her for the opportunities she’s been given, it’s just moreso there’s nothing that stands out about her ring work that justifies her push. I hated Charlotte for the same motive of being overpushed but I can still understand from a booking and wrestling standpoint why they’d push her. Alexa on the other hand is very green and has tied with LITA for the same amount of reigns. And ofc this is not her fault, but I do not see her bettering her ring work tbh. Her matches are lackluster. Her promos are very one dimensional and always the same and these are things in which she’s control of but seemingly are not getting off the first gear.

      • BLKLTR05

        I disagree with you about her in ring work and her promo work. I think she’s easily one of the best talkers in WEE and her matches have been on point since her transition to Raw. They were good on Smackdown too but theyve gotten better. The hate the girl gets is almosy as bad as the Bella hate from when they returned and Alexa is easily better than either of them ever was at that point. Hell, she is better than Brie ever was.

        • #BrieForPeace ?

          I have to disagree. Her in ring work is very lackluster. She doesn’t even have a proper move-set with proper moves other than hair pulls and punches and knees. And even those moves she doesn’t pull each match for some weird reason. Her promo skills are very one dimensional and she cutes her promos in the same tone. I’ll give her credit because she’s very comfortable and gets the logic of it all but it’s gotten to a point where she stopped growing where this should be the point where she should be growing the most!

          • BLKLTR05

            Ok. I’m not going to continue this narrative because we obviously have differing opinions and really, that’s all they are, opinions. The only negativity I’ve seen towards Alexa is from this site. Any other site I go to, it’s practically non-existent. There are obviously some negative comments here and there but not to the extent it is on this site.

          • This is a women’s wrestling centric site. It’s gonna look a little different. Most sites will say any female wrestler who’s not like Aksana or The Kat is good and as long as it’s not a Sharmell/Jenna Morosca match, it’s serviceable. Most of those sites fans are not gonna really be into women’s wrestling or the work of the women doing the wrestling.

          • BLKLTR05

            Bullshit. You know and I know and everybody knows that the majority of the fans on this specific site just love to turn on whomever is on top. Time and time again it has happened. Your statement makes it seem like the men on other sites are so biased that they can’t embrace women’s wrestling when in reality they have been.

          • Winter

            Support this ridiculous push to Alexa doesn’t help women’s wrestling at all.

          • BLKLTR05

            Tearing her down when its Creative and Vince McMahon making all the decisions isn’t helping in the least either and yet people on here seem to think doing that is going to clear their acne, water their crops, and feed their family. It’s bullshit and you know it.

          • That’s not what I said, but clearly you’re in your feelings. I’ve been on women’s wrestling sites since the days of OWOW and LethalWOW. When there is a niche site, people are going to be more particular and people are going to have much more criticism, if you can’t accept that, it’s your personal business. I’ve been on normal sites and have seen, unless it was a blinder of a match is described from poor to serviceable, or getting 6/10 or less ratings or B/C grades. It’s actually sites like this that gas a lot of these women and matches up to better than they are because of stupid, new-age stans who don’t follow women’s wrestling lineage through the decades, not just the Diva Era or tail end of the golden age.

          • BLKLTR05

            I never said anything about the writers or the articles themselves but thank you for pointing that out. What you basically said is that both set of sites do exactly the same thing, but that wasn’t my point. My point was that the FANS and COMMENTERS on this particular site just love to tear the women down once they reach any form of success. When Alexa Bliss was in NXT, everyone was clamoring for her to get the title. When she didn’t and was brought up people were PISSED about it and said it was a disgrace. Now, she’s on top of the world and people are tearing her down to shreds. Happened with Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha, Becky, Naomi and pretty soon here it will happen to Nattie and Nia. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And no, I am not in the “feels” as all of this is documented on these comment sections.

          • Ok, but look at what I said. The fans of those sites do not care about women’s wrestling the way we do here, specifically. It’s not a hard concept. Niche sites have niche fans, better or worse. And the reason why people “are tearing her down” is because she floundered. She had potential, then what? She can talk, ok, but she can’t wrestle. But I find it funny that if people were to say this about someone other than her like they did about Naomi, Sasha, Charlotte,Kelly Kelly and company, I didn’t see you or very many of the people who have been spouting this come to their aid or get angry about fans dragging them, like it or not, fans have a voice and an opinion, and if you don’t like what they have to say, then block them or ignore them. But to say that other fans on other sites don’t go after Alexa when they clearly don’t care one way or the other is not the same. It’s like being a fan of a band and their entire catalog, and knowing what they offer, then they switch up the game and they appeal to a general people, but the ones in that finite niche no longer fuck with them, the larger group as a whole don’t care too much, the small hardcore fans do.

          • BLKLTR05

            I was there defending Naomi, Sasha, Hayley, Becky, he’ll I even defended Eva Marie! You act as if Alexa is insufferable in the ring when she’s far from it. She’s better than a lot of the girls who were getting accolades from people, like fucking Kelly Kelly. Now that’s a girl who seriously couldn’t do anything in the ring or on the Mic and yet people give her praises. The reason I’m so vocal in regards to Alexa is because the hate is truly palpable as if she is the antichrist to women’s wrestling. And yo respond to your other comment, yes I get that this is a niche website for women’s wrestling so the fact that there is so much hate here for the women were supposedly fans of is disgusting.

          • I don’t act like she is, I just feel she is. I personally was more excited by Kelly in the ring even though she couldn’t hit a rope to save her life than Alexa. I don’t care for Alexa’s style. And as far as Kelly went, she may have been limited in the ring, but she put up a lot of good matches with Beth, Gail, the title defense with Edge, she wasn’t afraid to take bumps, and was always willing to go out there and do what she could. In the ring, Alexa doesn’t seem to do that. I have never made it a secret I don’t see it for her, but I do find her matches to be insufferable as most of them have looked the same and have been mediocre at best.

          • BLKLTR05

            The fact that you prefer Kelly Kelly to Alexa Bliss, fucking K2, the EPITOME of everything every fan of women’s wrestling stood against, says a lot. Alexa Bliss out wrestles her in every way and her charisma is leaps and bounds ahead of Kelly. The matches she put on with Gail and Beth were her best matches and her competitors’ most mediocre. Whatever though, you have your opinions and I have mine. I’ll take an Alexa Bliss match over a K2 match anyway.

        • Winter

          Alexa matches are better on Raw because she’s wrestling Sasha, that’s the true!

          • But her matches still suck.

          • Winter

            Decents at least

      • I didn’t really notice how not that great she was until she had that program with Becky Lynch, then the cracks really started to show after TLC, as her wrestling got more and more awkward, underwhelming and boring, and it has to take someone who can really lead a match to make her look good.

  • BLKLTR05

    Me last night when I got the notification from WWE that Alexa had reclaimed her title.

  • Rosanna

    Sasha Stans and the SashaKrew after saying she won’t loose the title next Monday and the curse has been broken.

  • Edwards1992

    Man Sasha must be mentally strong, kudos to her, cause I couldn’t do it.

    • Match of Year Maker


  • Hoooshi

    The only explanation I can think for this is WWE didn’t want Alexa to be the longest Raw women’s champion for whatever reason, and it still doesn’t make sense seince they have no problem with giving her accolades, so who knows why this is happening.

    I just can’t deal with Raw using the exact same four (now three) women all the time, I guess it’s time to give up on it until something changes.

  • brock

    The way WWE has treated Sasha is down right ridiculous She should have retained the Title last night and eventually turned heel when Bayley came back and started that feud, Sasha losing Title after only 8 days is ridiculous Sasha deserves to have a decent Title Run, I have absolutely no desire to see another Alexa Title Run or Any interest in a Alexa vs Nia match at all

  • Kev

    Could they be moving Sasha and Bayley to SD possibly? Join Charlotte and Becky. Those four on SD plus Carmella, Nattie, Tamina and Lana. Move Naomi over to Raw get her involved with Alexa and Nia and get Emma and Mickie in the title picture with a returning Paige. Only way I can see something work at this point.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Sasha would be good at SD as long as he doesn’t steal the entire spotlight from the other women. Bayleaf…NO?

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Charlotte is on Smackdown and she isn’t stealing the spotlight so I’m sure Sasha will be perfectly fine.

        • She’ll be fine in Global Force, ROH, or Lucha Underground.

          • Crazy. #RIPMae

            She can stay away from Lucha Underground. We don’t want trash individuals like Ivelisse and Sexy Star being around her.

          • Fair point.

  • HBIC

    I love Alexa but why giving Sasha a 7 day title reign to lost it just like that, creative sucks, the match was ok Alexa should use the sunset flip as a finisher instead of the ddt it looks sick, Sasha and Emma need to go to SD they’d be treated better there

  • Mike

    This should have just happened at Summerslam honestly there was no need to give Sasha the title just to embarrass her like this, yes she’ll recover and yes she’ll still be a star but what was the honest point? Smh WWE creative is just a trashy hot mess at this point

  • Emma’s new theme, short match with Mickie, fast title change, disappointment after disappointment. At least I’m looking forward to Nia squashing Alexa, which I think they want to do.

    Alexa has beaten the top babyfaces to the point that people want to see her get her ass beat, and judging by the reaction Nia got when she attacked her, their plan might work.

    • Buffyrocks

      I’m actually hoping for another short title reign, this time from Bliss. I really do want to see Nia destroy Bliss next week or the following week. Have Bliss keep doing her cowardly act thing, get herself counted out, just for the GM (or even Stephanie!) to come out and say, “that’s not how a real champion acts, continue the match!” and then Nia wins. Maybe in real life actually give Alexa a week or two of vacation because the woman deserves a small break!

      • Yess would love it, Alexa would be hated a lot for doing the classic heel stuff! And agree she deserves a short break once she loses, she’s been featured enough!

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    Everything is so inconsistent and boring. Nia turning on Alexa as if that was a shocker lmao she literally had a match with Alexa not long ago but suddenly they were best friends and now they’re enemies again as if nothing happened and I feel as though people are not paying attention to this.

    It’s all stale. From Bayley to Sasha to Alexa to Nia everything is stale in the RAW women’s division. They overpushed Sasha and Charlotte thus a year later there’s no steam left for any of them and nobody knows what to do with them. Nobody can have a credible feud with Alexa and this match was nothing we haven’t seen before. Alexa’s offense barely exists, the flows of her match are annoying and I don’t think her and Sasha click that well because Alexa is surely not up to Sasha’s level thus Sasha has to tone down her style.

    I seriously can’t see the hype behind Alexa despite the fact that she’s marketable. But other than that what does she have going for her? Her wrestling skills? Nope. Her mic skills? Maybe but even that is very theatrical and she goes into her comfort zone. Literally any other woman with these qualities would be dragged but for some reason people are blinded by Alexa… and I can’t even imagine why. She’s very one dimensional and her character looks like a childish Disney version of Harley Quinn. Also nobody is here for Nia vs Alexa.

    Mickie James is a legend and you’re putting her in a D-type feud with Emma who is barely getting by. It’s time for a real revolution that never happened on RAW. It’s time these woman get dynamic like in both those triple threat matches we saw some weeks ago. Mickie James should be holding that title giving prestige and cementing her legacy. Sasha should be feuding with her. Alexa should be bettering her in ring skills and working a program with other girls like Emma. Dana and Nia should be feuding with Dana being the underdog while Nia being the goliath who doesn’t consider Dana strong. Alicia should be letting loose and throwing popcorn in everyone’s face. You have 7 women but still it feels like all is limited for some reason.

    • Danny?

      Agree 100% with everything you said.

    • Winter


    • Hoooshi

      “But other than that what does she have going for her?”
      I hate to be /that/ person, but she is a white woman in a company run by Trump supporters, that’s what she has going for her.

      And charisma, she is very charismatic, despite her promos being very similar and her ring work not being top level. But besides that I agree with your comment.

      • #BrieForPeace ?

        I don’t wanna bring race issues into this because i’m sure that’s not the basis of her push. Maybe it’s their obsession with finding the next Trish and she’s well the one who looks most like her. She is very charismatic indeed, but all of that goes to waste when she gets into this disney-ish mode copying Trish’s mannerisms and trying to cut the same kind of promos. That’s why I can’t get behind her because she does have potential but she’s/they’re going on the wrong routes to explore it imho

        • Danny?
          • No shade to Naomi Campbell, but she should also directed that line to her hairline.

          • Kyle

            Thank you! Alexa Bliss should compare herself to Trish… she’s winning titles all the time like Trish, is blonde and white like Trish and is good both on the mic like Trish and in the ring like Trish.

            And she dominates Sasha Banks like Trish dominated Lita. She makes Sasha look like she’s never picked up a mic.

            Sasha: You are a pretend hollywood wrestler.

            She’s nothing on the mic and Alexa would kill her career if they kept it going.

        • Jo9834

          I honestly don’t think race is an issue in terms of how the girls are booked, ALL the women are consistently booked like trash no matter what their skin tone or ethnicity is.

          The WWE LOVES to have these long term storylines (AJ and Nikki’s never ending title reigns, Charlottes undefeated PPV Streak, Asuka’s streak, and now the Sasha first title defence curse). Taking the title off her so soon means she’s either getting drafted to Smackdown OR the 4HW vs 4HW storyline is very near and they want to keep her out of the title scene.

    • Match of Year Maker

      Same kind of thought

    • Michelle

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • perceval

      She’s a Total Diva. If you’re on that show, you get pushed to the moon. If not…

      Yep, the only chance Asuka has on the main roster is if she joins the reality show.

  • conan_kun

    Why can’t they give Sasha a decent title run, not after she broke hometown curse and won at Summerslam:
    1st & 2nd: 27 days each
    3rd: 20 days
    4th: 8 days

    Alexa never beat Bayley and Sasha by pinfall in NXT but she can squash Bayley and beat Sasha clean on Raw, prove that NXT and main roster are different world.

    They should have let Alexa beat babyfaces dirty, like she didn’t beat Becky clean in single match during her title run. At this point I won’t be surprised that Asuka may end up like Bayley and Sasha once she moves to Raw.

  • Danny?

    Okay I’ll start with the title match, it was good but the finish was a whole load of TRASH! First off I really hate Alexa’s DDT it looks as if it has absolutely no impact and she should just use the sunset flip powerbomb as her finisher or just stick with Twisted Bliss. Why have Sasha win the title in the first place it was honestly so pointless. Nia Jax VS Alexa Bliss? Nah keep it. Are they really gonna go heel vs heel here? Or is Nia turning face cause I do not see that working. Honestly whatever RAW your title picture is a hot ass mess, BYE!!!

    Now Emma VS Mickie was a fun match but I have no idea where this is going. Could we see Paige and or Summer Raw return to team up with Emma claiming that they don’t get the credit they deserve for helping build the NXT womens division. I just don’t know where it’s going but I could be here for that story. Now Emma’s new theme…….


  • saul de la efe

    i said it before and ill said it again I DON´T LIKE SASHA at all
    but whtf?! save the girl some embarrassment
    i like the fact that nia turn against alexa… but i just like it, as when you see a dog passing down the street, and then you forget about it

    emma´s new song SUCKS it seems it was an emmalina theme song option and they decided her amazing theme was too cool for the new jillian hall
    and i hate people don´t react to QUEEN mickie james, i don´t blame them, her whole return since “la luchadora” has been awful

  • Victoria&Melina19

    They should have just had Nia turn on Alexa at summerslam with Alexa retaining instead of giving Sasha another short reign.
    I’m gonna be optimistic and say Alexa vs Nia might be good…maybe. But if Nia wins the title she will probably face Asuka (if it’s true she’s heading to raw)

    What are they doing to Emma?!?

    The way the book storylines and everything makes me wonder why ppl still wanna see NXT callups cos it’s still gonna be the same unless they hire good writers.

  • Winter

    After a day thinking about this crap I STILL don’t get it and I’m STILL so mad about this shit!!!

  • Super Mateo

    “Do you think I’m being too harsh?” That’s a big NO for the Mickie/Emma segment, which you were too soft on. To me, it came off as something put together by a bunch of 10-year-olds. Emma has a new theme that doesn’t yet feel like a wrestling theme. They had Emma go on and on about the “Women’s Revolution,” a phrase WWE should have dropped a year ago, then she kept repeating it to NO reaction. I don’t care about the so-called revolution. I care about watching these ladies wrestle and tell stories. They should have had Mickie win the match just to spare us all. Also, I can’t be the only one hoping Paige would come out and deck her. Or really anybody else come out. I want to believe this is leading somewhere, but I’m losing faith in it.

    As for the title, WWE is clearly aware of Sasha’s short reigns and yet they did another one. I think they’re going for a “Break Sasha” type story where the frustration begins to mount. (For Mercedes/Sasha’s actress, I really don’t think this bothers her too much. She seems happy to be in the ring and I’m sure she agreed to the storyline.) There’s something in the works here, and I can’t wait to see what it is. My wish would be that Summer becomes a catalyst for whatever changes Sasha makes. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Bayley gets trapped in the middle of it.

    • trishlita721

      Omg the Mickie/ Emma situation was so bad it literally made me think…. Why do I like this which I thought I’d never say.

      • Danny?

        I just enjoyed it because they were actually doing something rather than sitting in catering.

    • Winter

      So you want a Sasha heel turn but this defeat only generates more simpathy for her.

    • Mike

      I definitely got a little hyped thinking that Paige might come out and interrupt Emma’s “I started the revolution” microphone rant. Total let down.

  • Nadia Shout out to Sasha for coming out and looking so happy. I really thought she was retaining. Also Bitch said if I’m losing to this DDT I’m selling it like I broke my neck.

    • Winter

      Sasha “the unprofessional” Banks…

      • Nadia

        I don’t pretend to understand stupid people.

        • Winter

          The sad thing is that there are many stupid people saying that.

    • Jamal

      She sold the hell out of that DDT

    • Match of Year Maker

      Sasha sold that DDT like she was dead…

      • I’m sure she was looking to be unconscious when she knew she had fuckery headed her way.

    • NoWayHoeSay

      Was very maryse French kiss this ddt

  • trishlita721

    All I want is a title reign similar to Trish’s 2005/2006 era with a strong face champion with different branching storylines that come together or even similar to a couple of mickies title reigns. The characters and wrestlers are there but this booking is so so messing I don’t even care who the champ is anymore. And did anyone else think the whole Mickie/ Emma match and segment was just super lame.

  • Wicked Bliss

    So its true. I read somewhere that WWE strategy to put a superstar over or make the championship prestigous is to give someone a lot of reign. But they got it all wrong. This is a mess. They should not have let Sasha have the belt in SS.

  • Jamal

    Raw was a mess for the women, top to bottom

  • Winter

    It’s like they have been proposed do it all wrong with Sasha, they managed to transform the most popular women in wwe history to a completely JOKE. And damn, they are doing a very good job!

    • NoWayHoeSay

      ??? at most popular woman in history

      • Winter

        Yes she is, or at least before they screwed her.

        • NoWayHoeSay

          No she’s not check Sable Trish Lita Chyna

  • Match of Year Maker

    As Sasha said earlier this year…
    “Be so good they can’t ignore you”

  • Kev

    There are some people here who are way too dramatic. First of all it’s all fake. Just wanna put that out there.

    Second there are some women who worked so hard and jobbed so much they didn’t even get a title reign or a long one. For example Jillian. One day. While other girls like Maryse, Eve, Bellas, Kelly Kelly were getting shots.

    Third there is Alicia and Nattie. Worked so hard and only have one title reign each. Finally Nattie is getting a go but who knows how long that will last.

    And then there’s girls like Tamina and Emma who would kill to have a title reign even if it’s 28 or 8 days. Like come on people don’t play the poor Sasha card. Sure the reigns are short but at least she’s had 4 reigns when there are girls who’ve worked just as hard and long who’ve had none.

    • Winter

      It’s all fake?! My god you’re a genius!

      • Kev

        Build a bridge and get over it.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Honestly, I don’t see Sasha getting another/a long reign until she turns heel. As for the Emma stuff, I could see this leading to a Paige return and honestly I’m ready! Paige and Emma feuding over who started the women’s revolution is better than nothing! They could even add Summer into the mix. Raw needs to step up… and Smackdown.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    And if Nia is in fact getting a title match against Alexa then she needs to destroy her, I don’t care. It literally makes no sense for Alexa to do her cowardly acts in a match against Nia. It’ll just make Nia look like the underdog and she’s supposed to be a threat. I don’t like Nia like that but she needs to squash Alexa and win the title for the first time. It’ll make for an interesting storyline. But if this girl Alexa manages to defeat Nia then… Asuka sis I think you need to say goodbye to that streak because Little Miss Bliss is ready to end it…

  • Brandon Tyler Henderson Can we discuss how Sasha Banks hasn’t successfully defended a championship of her’s since her days in NXT as NXT Women’s Champion? And that was like twice?? And her championship loss and loss in her history making rematch overshadowed her actually winning the NXT Women’s Title?!?!

  • WWE RAW: Show of Bitchcraft and Fuckery.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Oh and Sexy Star sweetie Sasha and Alexa supposedly “hate” one another but they still put on decent matches to ENTERTAIN us fans without injuring one another on purpose. Take notes!

  • ??BADANDBO$$Y??
  • ??BADANDBO$$Y??
  • ??BADANDBO$$Y??

    i’m just done with raw my bitch lasted 8 days lol makes me wonder how long her next reign will be 2 days ??? or will they pull a jillian hall on us ???

  • Don ?

    Alexa Bliss has the most blandest DDT I’ve ever seen. Sasha’s sell of it in the match is the best the DDT has ever looked. I’d like it if Bliss were to flavor it up more though. Add some sort of theatrics.


    I mean I just hope Alexa fans are happy. I really do. #RipRawWomensChampionship

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Didn’t you just say a couple weeks ago you were an Alexa fan as well?

      • GOD STRATUS•

        I said I don’t hate her …

      • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

        No this mf is always bashing Alexa if they say they are fans now they are full of sh*t.

  • wwepassion

    Funny how most of you complain about Alexa for not being good in the ring and use that as your excuse for why WWE shouldn’t keep giving her the title, yet the same people busted a nut when Aj was burying everyone and had the title non stop? Y’all hate on Alexa for not being a great wrestler only a great talker yet again same people pissed themselves over Aj when her and Alexa are exactly in the same category. Both aren’t great wrestlers but back it up with character, mic skills and charisma? Y’all hypocrites.

    • ???

      TBH .. AJ Lee was way better than Alexa in the ring (I love both though)

      • wwepassion

        She really wasn’t she just had a better finisher. My point still stands let be honest.

        • ???

          What makes you think Alexa is stronger ?

          • wwepassion

            No where did I say stronger but since you brought it up she is strong than Aj but both of them are in the same boat when it comes to talent.

      • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

        No Alexa is better

        • ???

          That’s your opinion, I think AJ was more entertaining than Bliss .. she was faster and more technical than Bliss.

          Alexa is a little boring to me (in the ring only) , I hope she’ll get better

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Alexa is better in the ring than AJ imo

      • wwepassion

        Alexa as a face show more moves and she does perform better in the ring than Aj does. She also is strong and can pull off a suplex and stuff unlike Aj.

  • ???

    Okay , let me clear things up first ..

    One / I don’t hate Alexa , I like her she’s great on the mic!

    Second/ I enjoyed the match , best match between Sasha and Alexa.. even better than their GOF and SS matches !

    But why the F*C* they let Sasha win the title IF they want Nia to feud with Alexa in the first place ?? Why let Sasha beat Nia’s ass TWICE but when it comes to Alexa she lost just like this ?? Messy booking I’m just done with Raw !

    I don’t have problem with Alexa being champion BUT ONLY if the booking was good , they bury other women .. Sasha’s reign is just 8 days ?? Why ?? I was hoping that her reign lasts more than 30 but now I wished she had 30 days instead of 8 stupid days ..

    I’m not going to surprised if they screwed what happened last night when Nia turned on Alexa .. I can imagine them be on the same team in a tag team match next week, DON’T SURPRISED AT ALL .

  • Troy Smith

    I’ve heard Dave Meltzer say a few times that there’s an unwritten rule that whenever you have a substitution in a match, the substitute wins. Apparently fans feel let down if the substitute loses. I’ve been thinking back on past matches and I can’t think of one where there was an advertised match, one person pulled out, then the substitute lost. So I think the plan was for Bliss to beat Bayley then move on to Nia. But since Bayley got hurt and Sasha was the substitute, Sasha won because substitutes always win.

    • Yeah I saw that too! Too bad Sasha had to be the sacrificial lamb!

  • DivaLicious?

    Emma is so buried I had too change my profile pic. I just don’t know what they are doing with her. At this point she should just ask for her release. Go work her butt off in the indie circuit build your brand. Make WWE wish they would have used you better. Because with that theme music they gave her, They really wanna see her fail. That theme was either for Alicia fox or it was the emmalina theme. Whatever the case maybe it’s awful! Emma was totally cringeworthy last night. Most importantly at the end of the match. When she kept saying “she started to women’s revolution” I cringed so bad?? the crowd couldn’t give a sh*t. It was just embarrassing????? It’s over at this point.

    Sasha banks is also over at this point. She is made out to be the biggest loser in the whole women’s division it’s ridiculous????? She can’t hold a title past 30 days SMH I have no more faith in Sasha anymore. It’s hard to after 4 failed title defenses? Nobody will believe in her now it’s too late. Where does Sasha go from here??? You made her a complete joke! She better off just being a manager at this point or a backstage interviewer because it’s over!

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Fake stan


    Fun facts :
    “Alexa calls Becky Lynch a joke of a champion: She beats her and proves she’s a joke of a champion.
    Alexa says Bayley isn’t hardcore enough to use a kendo stick: She squashes her and proves Bayley isn’t hardcore enough to use a kendo stick.
    Alexa says Sasha is choke artist and she can’t defend her title: She beats her a proves she can’t defend her title.”

    WWE made sure to make Alexa look good every single time and others look awful. That’s how you build a babyface right? At least, Naomi was lucky enough that the brand split was coming and that Alexa was drafted because if not…

    • conan_kun

      A difference is other than Alexa beat Becky in table match, Alexa never retained clean against Becky, plus Becky do beat Alexa in a few non-title matches during Alexa’s first SD women title run.


        No, the real difference is that Alexa and Becky had a feud going for them and that Becky’s character work was so strong that it didn’t kill her. Plus, her booking was much better after her feud with Alexa too, feuding right away with Mickie.

    • wwepassion

      Y’all wanted new stars now y’all are complaining.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Sasha rematch at no mercy then, Nia gets put in for no reason making it triple threat

  • Nathan

    Emma’s new theme is ok. Not as good as her old one. I’d much rather they gave it to someone who needed it. Mickies attire looked great! Urmmm great…. now I know the 4HW get a lot of opertunitys but it amazes me that Alexa has more title reigns than Becky…. don’t get me wrong, there nothing wrong with pushing the likes of Alexa but it doesn’t have to revolve around the title. Like it or not she’s so god damn boring in the ring unless she has a mic… Nia saved that match. Well the match was boring but she added a twist at the end which was good. Team rude should never have been a thing.

  • Miguel

    This is the most talked about thing in women’s wrestling in a long time. If that was WWE’s intentions, then they got it. Was WWE trying to build some heat to Alexa Bliss? They were successful too, at least online. I don’t see Alexa Bliss getting any hate from the crowd, they aren’t quiet during her segments or matches but I don’t think is going to last because it’s seem more like WWE is screwing Sasha Banks than Alexa Bliss is screwing Sasha Banks.

    In my opinion Sasha shouldn’t have won the championship in the first place. She was a filler feud before Nia Jax turn on her. Yes, it was obvious and expected but because it seemed so delayed we were waiting for that to happen and always expecting it. If the plan was to have a program between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, then Sasha should have lost and then she could win it later without hurting her credibility. I guess WWE is going by the numbers with Sasha. She’s a 4 time RAW Women’s Champion, and she probably will win it again later down the road.

  • Tenzen

    What makes it most frustrating is that Raw has such a talented roster and doesn’t use it right.

    What they have done to Mickie James since her return is a shame..

  • PhiPhiBanks


    I think it would have been better to have Sasha keep the title until Bayley returned. Then they could have set up a Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the title.

    Nia vs Alexa vs Bayley vs Sasha

    Have all three women take out Nia. Have Bayley roll-up Sasha. Bayley can apologise but Sasha doesn’t accept it and attacks Bayley with punches and knees, Sasha gets dragged away by refs and the opportunistic Alexa pins Bayley.

    • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

      Why would Alexa team with Bayley and Sasha to take out her friend?

  • Stef’

    I’m 100% uninterested in Emma’s programmes, that is so lame, even the matches are bad, they look like they never worked together and struggle understanding what the other has in mind. Still, I love Emma, why can’t they have her win a special match out of nowhere for the n°1 championship, have her lose, but keep her relevant though until she gets it ?

    Alexa/Sasha was surprising, I guess No Mercy is a triple threat and Nia will win so Alexa would have her rematch at HIAC.

  • KissMyLights #QueenPeyton

    All I can say is poor Sasha. Having 4 title reigns all lost on their first defense, giving every woman their best match and getting paid dust for it, and especially loosing to someone that has had at best 2 DECENT matches (nothing special) in 4 title reigns and still selling your ass off to try putting on a good match. It really must be so draining for her.

  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown
  • PYM #TakeoverSmackdown

    Sasha stans are already turning on her. Fake pathetic trash tbh.