In Video: Footage from FCW Live Event Featuring Ivelisse’s Second WWE Match

As well as Bobby’s live report which we published yesterday, another fan has uploaded footage from Friday’s FCW live event to YouTube.

The show featured newcomer and former Tough Enough contestant Ivelisse Velez in only her second appearance for WWE.

Check it out below:

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  • Nostalgia

    Nice match… Shaul needs to work on that 3 amigos… I see her feuding with either Tamina or Natalya when she debuts or maybe even forming a stable with them. Sort of like a female version of Legacy.

  • JustJ3rmz

    Great match! I agree about the 3 amigos thing with Shaul. Christina did great, personally, I think she needs to get her own look tho. Red hair looks good on her, but damn did it have to be red? Alicia is rocking that already

  • candice7000

    I the match was ok to me. You can really tell who is green and need more work. I think Ivelise and Audrey will be great addition to the main roster. Leah West is probaly going to be a hit or miss. She give me a Molly Holly vibe in her attire. But she also looks like she is going for the jobber position. Shaul would make a great diva. She would be mix of Ariel(Shelly Martinez) and Katie Lea. As for Caylee, she needs a character of some sort. I don’t see wwe calling her up and putting her as Alicia’s lil sister. They never once referenced that the two are related. Plus her and Alicia acts to much alike. So Caylee need to change her hair color and find herself another gimmick. I prefer her face, because she reminded me of Maria the way her character was. Only then I see wwe bringing her up as an interview. And last Cameron just needs to be released, her ring skills aren’t that good and I don’t see her being much on the roster. With that said I don’t want no diva to be called up until I see my lovely Naomi grace my television.

    • Raekon

      Caylee is currently a heel in televised matches aswell.
      I just watched one from the 11/13/2011 on youtube in which she and Aksana fought Audrey and Cameron.

  • Teri

    I wanted to see what move Ariane did at the end :'(

  • rasharexx

    Cameron is actually getting better. Check out her match when she teamed with Audrey to take on Caylee and Aksana.

    • Raekon

      Watched it and she was ok. Aksana stood mostly out and one could tell she was the most experienced out of all the 4.

      Caylee was a good second and Audrey a bit better than Cameron.

      Cameron has the build to be a high flyer or at least a speedy wrestler.
      If she works on these departments and gets better, then she might actually get a chance to join the main roster sometime in the future.

  • RealMaryse

    they are all pretty good and if they will work hard they can all be in wwe one day, but i`m just so exited about shaul (cuz she is eddies kid of course) and i just realy loved her father and i would love if her gimmick when she comes to wwe would be like eddies (lie,cheat,steal thing) and they could also make eddies theme song in female version than shaul would be my fav diva

  • Nostalgia

    Not to seem like I’m playing the race issue negatively but the WWE needs more Hispanic and African American divas like Shaul, Caylee and Cameron… The WWE lacks a strong urban presence. Mark Henry, Alicia Fox and R.Truth are all they have that stands out

    • eyecon

      AGREED 10000000% thats why I can’t watch TNA all they have is the Pope and no Black Knockouts

      You forgot about Kofi 8 )

    • French.One

      Who cares about their race ? Do you want them to hire people if they’re not good ?

    • Raekon

      - Kofi kingston
      – Ezekiel jackson
      – JTG
      – Percy watchon (assigned in smackdown already)
      – Titus o neil (assigned in smackdown already)
      – Darren young (assigned in smackdown already)
      – sin cara
      – primo
      – epico
      – hunico
      – Rosa Mendes

      Many more down in FCW along with the divas.

    • Jake

      Eve, Alicia, Kharma, Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes, Tamina, Layla, Eden…

      • Jake

        Also AJ and Maxine.

        • Kim099

          and Aksana shes luthiuanian europe

    • LadyGoDiva

      I understand what you mean because your not trying to sound racist but having the same cookie cutter Diva is getting irrirating but that what I hope for. A better WWE women’s divsion and a more diverse group of female wrestlers.

      • Nostalgia

        Thank youuu… You and eyecon get it lol.

        • Raekon

          I think we all got it but you still meant there isn’t enough while there are actually already many there. :p

          That’s why we typed names and even left some out like Mark Henry as example.

  • eyecon

    To the person in the front row who kept saying “Caylee looks like Alicia Fox” No Shyt …lol

    I thought the 3 Amigos was fine and will improve in time

    What I want to know is when the hell did Caylee turn heel…lol and when did Cameron turn face. Last FCW episode I saw Cameron had a blonde wig hanging with Naomi (in a really bad ghetto girl gimmick) the next week she’s teaming with the FCW Divas champ….however although this switch wasn’t explained it seems to have done wonders for both girls. Cameron seems to have developed wrestling skills and Caylee has developed personality that isn’t shy and happy.

    The heel turn give caylee more attitude and better mic skills she’s edgey now and thats a good thing. Cameron I can see her being a big face because has energy and flashy moves

    • Spike7000

      They test some of them out to see if they work as a heel or face in the long run

      • Raekon

        Caylee was both before tough enough down in fcw already though.
        It seems more like they are turning her everytime they need someone on the opposite side cause she can play both. ^_^

  • French.One

    Strange booking strikes FCW.
    So you have the less experienced girl (audrey) working the most the match… so that any of the other girl can try harder moves !?


      I think the less experienced girl is Cameron, and then Audrey! But I would like to have seen more Ivelyse and less Audrey!

  • Spike7000

    Audrey Marie is sure improving. Wow she has turned into a prospect.

    Shaul doing the 3 Amigos was alright but it looks like she had hesitation on the 3rd one

    I’m really surprised about Ariane/Cameron. She just needs to work on the part where the opponent grabs the other opponent throwing them to the ring post

    overall Shaul, Christina, and Ariane need to work on not having hesitation when doing moves and they will be just fine

  • Raekon

    Was funny how the guy said in the beginning “show these guys how it’s done!” when caylee and ivelisse was on it. ^_^

    It seemed as if they were all trying to put audrey as a valid champion over by letting her showing lots of resilience.

    Ivelisse didn’t got to do or show much but it was still good.

    Leah was ok.

    Caylee was good but hesitated at parts which suprised me because I know great matches of hers prior to tough enough

    Raquel seems to have barely improved in my opinion when I’m comparing what she did last february in her matches.

    Cameron was a bit better in this one than the match VS caylee and aksana and seems to be improving after all.

    Audrey seems to still working on her selling, other than that she has improved quite a bit.

    A good match with a good amount of time. :)

  • LadyGoDiva

    Stellar tag team match better then anything I’ve seen on RAW. But I was kinda disappointed that we didn’t see much on Ivelisse,Cameron and Leah that much in the match but the match as a whole was okay.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Nice match, I enjoyed it. Cameron lynn shows a lot of potential.