Tenille Update

Former SHIMMER star Tenille, who we recently reported had relocated to Tampa, Florida to begin working for WWE under a developmental deal, reported to Florida Championship Wrestling today.

Australian-born Tenille was signed to a deal last March after successfully earning a contract in an open tryout. However, due to nagging shoulder injuries which required surgery, she had not yet reported to developmental.

Tenille initially trained in Australia and later honed her craft in Canada under the tutelage of former WWE, ECW and WCW star Lance Storm.

Storm today tweeted: “Congrats to SWA grad @TenilleTayla who started in FCW (WWE Developmental) today. Hard work pays off.”

Thoughts: Good luck to Tenille in WWE. She looks like a star and is a good wrestler, too. If Kelly Kelly is indeed looking to leave, Tenille would certainly fit the bill for WWE’s next blonde bombshell.

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    YA cant wait to see her on WWE

  • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

    I love Tenille, but it doesn’t matter if she’s the next WWE’s Kelly Kelly. Signing Tenille and making her the next it girl isn’t going to make the WWE Universe, nor Vince care about the Divas. It’s such a shame because the WWE and FCW roster is shaping up so well.

  • Matthew

    She is a stunner!
    Reminds me of Penny from the big bang theory?

    • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

      I see the resemblance actually haha!

    • JillianHallTNA

      HAHAHAHA!!!! Agree, she totally looks like Kaley Cuoco!

      • Matthew

        Haha – both VERY beautiful women – always had a thing for Kaley
        I wish Tenielle the best of luck and look forward to seeing her in FCW and WWE.

        • Marshy

          Kaley Cuoco was also on 8 simple rules with the late John Ritter playing her dad.

        • Kim099

          Really did u really have to go there? U might aswell wright her full biograophy lol

  • lucky1now

    I’m hoping with all this great talent coming in wwe really gives the divas great storylines it can be a great new era

  • shameronstar

    Glad to finally get so conformation on her wwe status. Tenille, Buggy, and Sara Del Rey are signs that wwe are at least being much more serious with its hiring process, but the utilization of the talent is another story that remains to be seen!

  • AfroJack

    Tenille is yummy.

  • moonpiggy

    Awesome! I hope I get to see a triple threat with Tenille vs Paige vs Buggy Nova:)

  • CJDippa1

    In WWE, K2 will never be replaced. She is a “legend” in their opinion.

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      In the eyes of WWE, all women are replacable, as Vince once said to Sable in an infamous promo, “I can get 10 more of you on Sunset Blvd.”

      Tenille is quite striking and yes, very Kaley Cuoco-esque, which will play out well on TV. I could see her turning heads in a Stacy Keibler/Miss Hancock gimmick for some reason. I think she could rock some geek chic.

      • Rhawk

        And then AJ appears and kicks her ass for doing so. Gotta love crazy chicks! ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sherri-Martel-Appreciation-Page/451635728182584#!/pages/Sherri-Martel- Sherri Martel Fan

    She’s stunning! Can’t wait to see her :)

  • jamie1

    This is really good news. Tenille showed in both Shimmer and the Indy circuit in Canada that she can deliver top performances. Not only does she look great but can seriously wrestle. Ideal mix!

    Not sure i see Tenille as a possible replacement for K2, ok she looks good, but is a far more serious in ring performer.

    Interesting to see how she is “rebranded” in terms of image and name and hopefully it won’t be long before she is on the full roster along with likes of Paige, SDR division’s future looks good.

  • Marshy

    Shimmer has bought us the likes of Beth Phoenix,Natalya,Paige(Saraya Knight),and SDR into WWE that who knows whom else from Shimmer that will be making their strides into WWE, like Jessie McKay and many more from Shimmer. So thank you Shimmer for having these ladies in your company.