Your Two Cents: WWE Hall of Fame Candidates

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: With Trish Stratus being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, we want to know: who should be the next woman in line for induction? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Angela Diaz | Madusa, Jacqueline Moore, & Luna Vachon.
Anthony Gallerani | Madusa should have gone in first.
David Foster | Ivory has been a trainer on Tough Enough, and was a former multi time womens Champion. With memorable storylines like Right to Censor, and her particpating in the first Hardcore womens matches, she should go into the Hall of Fame.
Eric Holt | There’s more than one woman that needs to be inducted into the HOF next. Here are my picks: Chyna – 9th Wonder Of The World, first and only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship, competed against both men and women, former Women’s Champion. Sable- the woman every woman wanted to be and every man wanted to see, first diva to pose for Playboy, former Women’s Champion, the TRUE original diva. Miss Elizabeth – one of the greatest wrestling valets in history. Lita – the extreme Diva, four time Women’s Champion, the female version of the Hardy Boyz, main evented RAW twice, and won the Women’s Championship twice during the two times she main evented RAW. Jacqueline – first African American to win Women’s Championship, first woman to win the Women’s Championship when it was reinstated, competed against both men and women. Alundra Blayze aka Madusa – former 3 time Women’s Champion, threw away the Women’s Championship during a controversial segment on WCW.
@FearlessRiOT | I know EVERYBODY is gonna say this, but Lita. She and Trish were the ultimate pioneers of he Golden Age of Divas and Lita is arguably the most popular Diva of all time; she was a gamechanger and was pretty much the original anti-Diva. She’s had way more than a handful of memorable moments and matches, so it’s only fitting.
Francisco Mata | Ivory or Victoria, both extremely nice and extremely talented workers who never got the credit they both deserved!
Jamie Hough | Cyndi Lauper would be a great choice for the celebrity wing.
Joshua Ruth | Miss Elizabeth of course. It’s a crime that she is not all ready in there
Michael Palladino | Linda McMahon, just for dealing with vince
Mondarious Brantley | With Trish going into the Hall of Fame this year. I see Lita being the next inducted next! They both had their rivalry with one another and it seems like the perfect fit to have them both in together.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who is next in line for the WWE Hall of Fame? Tell us in the comments…

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  • JDernTrishStratusFan

    First a formost, Lita should follow Trish and be inducted next year. I’m surprised that the likes of Sable, Miss Elizabeth, Mudusa and Luna haven’t been inducted yet, I think they’ll have their time to shine in the next few years.

    I also expect to see Ivory, Jacqueline, Victoria, Jazz & Molly in there at some point as well..

    They’re actually a lot of Divas that deserve to be inducted, only time will tell though.

  • DanGM

    Trish is a good choice but is too soon. First we need Chyna, an intercontinental champion, two times in the royal tumble, part of king of the ring… then Sable, playbloy, nude scenes, activate the women championship, one of the best diva ever. HOF 2013 Jackie and Ivory both women champion, Jackie activate and win the championship, have feud with sable, crusieweightchampion, a woman who can have a real fight with male wrestlers, ivory was 3times champion, tough enough instructor, RTC and member of the alliance. Then Lita the extreme lady! she made trish!!!

    • Jcott3

      I was actually surprised that Sable wasn’t this year’s choice, now that Brock Lesnar is back on speaking terms with WWE. Lita will go in – it’s just a question of when. Chyna deserves it, but probably won’t get it for being HHH’s ex. Ivory and Jacqueline tend to be overlooked. I think enough time has passed that they might think about inducting Madusa, but she has said she’ll only accept if she gets a match against the current champion.

      • Wolverine

        You seem to forget Chyna has tarnished her Image with her whole involvement with porn,it has nothing to do with her being Triple’s ex and with what Madusa did with the womens title in WCW,She shouldnt making be demands

        • marcum1234

          I agree and we can’t forget all of the Trash talking she did about the WWE post leaving and that she appeared in TNA. That shouldn’t matter but with all of the politics in wrestling that is just the icing on the hot mess of a cake Chyna has made over the years.

  • PurpleFusions

    I’d sure like to see Ivory inducted in to the hall of fame at some point. Also, Luna Vachon…and perhaps Sable, too.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    In few the next few years: Lita, Victoria, miss elizbeth, jacquline
    In the future: Melina, Michelle, Beth and Mickie James
    Possibly: Torrie Wilson and Stephanie McMahon

  • litafan2000


  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I was wondering if they can take someone out, Sunny is the most undeserving Hall of Famer ever, she did nothing except manage a mediocre tag team. Oh and probably slept with majority of the roster, actual wrestlers should go into the Hall of Fame and good managers, Sunny has no right to be in their when the likes of Miss Elizabeth, Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Madeusa, Chyna(needs to get herself together first), Molly Holly and Jazz.

    I would say Victoria/Tara, but I like it when retired wrestlers are inducted, she is still very much active!!!!

    • theprincedann

      I agree with what you say about Sunny.
      She is a disgrace to the HOF.

    • 09DHK

      It pissed me off that Vince allowed a train-wreck like Sunny into the HOF and tries to act as if Chyna never existed; but then again, Vince may have slept with Sunny, and according to her reputation, it would make sense. Chyna did 20,000 times more with her career than Sunny. I feel like the porn thing is just an excuse for Vince to be petty without people realizing it; especially since he welcomed her first porn partner X-Pac back with opened arms IN the “PG Era.” I don’t even think Chyna has beef with Hunter anymore because in the majority of her interviews, she talks mainly about her dislike for Vince and his dislike for her.

      • redsandman99

        There is a bit of a difference between welcoming back X-Pac and not Chyna in that X-Pac had that one tape with Chyna. Chyna is ACTIVELY doing porn. Hell, her appearances with TNA didn’t go beyond the two because they reportedly told her if she had her new porno released they would cut ties with her.

      • TheGamergirl22

        Maybe when Triple H takes over and she stops doing porn then she will get in

        • theprincedann

          She is genuinely nice about Hunter. In her interviews, YouShoot for example, she defends him when people ask about steroid use, saying he is very health orientated, determined and works hard for everything he is and has.

          Bottom line, I believe if she isn’t inducted, everybody will agree its a personal conscious decision by WWE, because they dislike her. And remember Chyna took WWE to court, and won. When has that ever happened? We all know Vince wants power over everything, and hates to be beaten. That’s my belief.

      • perceval

        You have to remember that Sunny had been behaving herself for a few years when she was inducted. How were they to know she’d fall back into her old trainwreck ways? Hindsight is 20/20, and all. It’s safe to say they regret putting her in the HoF, now. That may have been part of the reason they went ahead and put Trish in, this year.


        Actually, Chyna didn’t take WWE to court over their trademark. She just legally changed her name to Chyna, like the Ultimate Warrior did, which she could have done, all along.

        • theprincedann

          That’s incorrect.

          2002-6, she had to be referred to on TV/Magazines as Chyna Doll or Joanie Laurer. If they referred to her as Chyna, they would be sued.

          In 2007, she took it to court, citing loss of earnings, career trouble, and Chyna got the rights. I’ve heard her explain this on more than one occasion. Howard Stern etc.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    She is a a trailblazer and a trendsetter,she is arguably the most influential diva of all time,SUPER popular,and she has a lot of memorable moments.
    Greatest diva ever,she is a legendary icon.

  • queennattie

    Lita, Madusa, Ivory, Luna Vachon and Sable.

    Lita, Sable, Ivory, Luna Vachon and Madusa in that order.

  • justakeeding

    Dare I say, Mickie James? She was the true backbone of the division once Trish & Lita left, and was relied on to deliver good matches. She is a five time women’s champion and a former diva’s champion. She competed in one of the most famous women’s storylines of all time with Trish and the list of her accomplishments goes on.

    • justakeeding

      Also for obvious reasons; Sable, Chyna, Ivory, Lita, Jacqueline, Molly, Melina,
      Beth Phoenix, & Michelle McCool. If Victoria’s career kept going like it was from 2002 – 2004, i’d list her as well. Sadly, i can’t. Same can be said for Natalya.

  • jonboi

    Madusa,terri, luna, lita, bull nakona, ivory, and as a surprise pick tori. I think lita and trish shouldve been inducted together as there names go down in history together as the best&longest divas rivaries in wwe history there both history makers also if I were amy I know I’d be pissed off thinking I’m always living in my besties shadow

    • puppies

      She’s a pretty chill person, I doubt she’d get worked up over it. It most likely upsets her fans more than it would ever upset her haha.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      Lita isn’t in anyone’s shadow considering she is the popular one and is the one fans prefer. She didn’t need a bunch of rigged,scripted polls and title reigns to be popular-she had tons of charisma and an AMAZING fan connection.
      Plus,she has been acknowledged as an icon,legend,and one of the greatest divas of all time(oh and the greatest highflying diva of all time.)

      • jonboi

        I totally agree with both of you about lita what I meant to say was the WWE put lita in trishes shadow with all the rigged polls the HOF the 7 titles the pushes n all that jazz lol @puppies yea I agree amy will just take it in her stride and us fans will bitch for her pmsl

  • theprincedann

    Lita will induct Trish this year,
    and Trish will induct Lita next year.

    Besides that, Chyna needs to be in there, above the rest.

    Luna Vachon, RIP. Terri/Marlena, Ivory.. Can’t think of any more for the HOF.

  • aldo

    Lita of course.
    Bu i would also love to see Chyna, Sable, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Ivory and Jazz.
    But the very next inductee, definitely Lita.

  • Dylan

    The Kat, BB, Joy Giovanni, Amy Webber and Carmella would make fabulous additions.

    • theprincedann

      A joke, right? :L

      • Dylan

        Of course! :)

        • theprincedann

          Hahaha. Gullible me. I read it and my jaw dropped :O

          Made me lol lots though!

        • DanGM

          BB… hahaha she was a nurse right??? Barbara… something…?

    • OJ Von Erich

      Oh I loved Joy Giovanni… I wish she would come back!

  • Andre

    Although she never wrestled for wwf/e a no brainer for induction and recognition is Sweet Georgia Brown aka Susie Mae McCoy, a pioneering and often forgetten African American woman wrestler. She was trained by the Fabulous Moolah, her story is bittersweet, inspirational but ultimately tragic.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    I think ma girl Kelly Kelly should eventually go in for all her own contributions. She started off as a dancer, valet, and got more physical than we could have anticipated. Her crowning achievement was winning the Divas title on RAW. A magical moment indeed.

    As far as ones from the past. Madusa, Luna, Sable, Jackie, Ivory, Mae Young, Lita, McCool, Beth, Mickie, Melina, The Bellas, Victoria, Molly, Jazz, Terri Runnels.

    • theprincedann

      Can’t tell you how much I despise the idea of Kelly getting anywhere near the hall of fame!

      And btw, Mae Young is already in :)

      • PurpleFusions

        “Can’t tell you how much I despise the idea of Kelly getting anywhere near the hall of fame!”

        I second that…

  • 09DHK

    Chyna- (1st female Royal Rumble and King of the Ring participant, and only female Intercontinental Champion)
    Sable- (the ORIGINAL WWE diva, or as they peg her, the “Diva of Divas”)
    Luna Vachon- (the ORIGINAL “Psycho Bitch”)
    Jacqueline- (first African American Women’s Champion)
    Ivory- (her as a heel kept the division alive after Sable left in the Attitude Era)
    Lita- (revolutionized the divas division with her look and high flying moves)
    Michelle McCool- (not anytime soon, but 10 years down the line; 1st Diva’s Champion, and the 1st to hold both the Women’s AND Diva’s Championship)
    Melina- (again, not anytime soon, but about 10 years down the line for pretty much carrying the division along with Beth and Mickie after Trish and Lita left)
    Mickie James- (10 years down the line since I think she’d be in retirement, and they’d treat the whole TNA move like water under the bridge)

  • marcum1234

    Sadly most of the Divas people have already list have no shot in making it into the Hall of Fame. The only Divas I could see making it in would be Lita, Torrie Wilson (not the best wrestler, but defiantly a huge character in the WWE), Melina, Michelle Mccool, and maybe Sable but its a long shot. Most of the other divas have burned their bridges wit the WWE after they left.

  • Hollywood King

    Does no one want to see Trish in the Hall of Fame? It makes complete and logical sense to me. Considering her age, Trish being a female no one is going to want to see her when she is Mae Young’s age; woman in the industry must preserve a certain hotness and look appeal. Trish being young and as accomplished as she is, and why not? She’s been retired going on 7 years.

    • Spike7000

      You are brainwashed by WWE’s crap

  • Hollywood King

    Why do people keep bringing up that other women should have gone in first? That has nothing to do with Trish, she’s always given credit to the women who came before her. Should respect that she’s such a class act.

  • GailKim95

    Lita,Jackie, Miss Elizabeth (who should have gone in before Sunny) and Madusa (even though I hat her). Chyna will probably never get in sadly because of her craziness after she left wrestling. Hopefully down the road Mickie James, Michelle McCool and Eve get in as well as Beth Phoenix and Melina

    • GailKim95


  • Jake

    I see majority of the Divas making it into the Hall of Fame. Not your Joys and Ariels but the ones who were popular with the crowd and behind the scenes. I’m assuming WWE is going to be around for another decade or two so most will go in eventually.

  • arwrestling

    Well rumor has it that DX is going in this year as well… If that is the case, then there is a strong possibility (or at least SHOULD be a strong possibility) that Chyna & Tori are inducted this year as members of the group. Tori was a manager but so was JJ Dillon who was inducted with The 4 Horsemen as well as Paul Ellering (who was inducted with the Road Warriors). But Chyna would almost HAVE to be inducted to make this a legit induction, as she was not only a member almost until the end, but she was one of the founding members of the group.

    Chyna also deserves to be in on her own (yep, I’d make her a 2x inductee). Oh, and for anyone saying Chyna ruined her chances with the drugs and the porn deal… SUNNY. She was involved in pornography through Missy Hyatt and had/has quite a few problems with substance abuse.

    Aside from that, I’d LOVE to see Cyndi Lauper inducted in the celebrity wing, as she is the ORIGINAL WWE celebrity involvment. Lita will surely be in there soon, as will Madusa, Sable and Miss Elizabeth.

    As far as obscurities go, I really think one of the most deserving women would be Donna Christanello. She was in the WWE from the mid 1960s straight through to the early 1990s, even participating in a Survivor Series match. As well as the Glamour Girls, one of the few actual Women’s Tag Teams in WWE (who also had a great feud with the Jumping Bomb Angels in the 1980s).

  • wwesvrrocks101

    Mickie James
    Michelle McCool
    Kelly Kelly

    • 09DHK

      I was with you until you said Kelly Kelly.

  • Kaitlyn_LitaFan321

    Lita should be Inducted next. I get sick and tired of how WWE only mentions Trish as the Jesus of the Divas division while Lita and others barley get any recognition. Hey Vince Trish didn’t single handedly make the divas division she had help from many talented women.

    I agree that Sunny should be removed from the hall of fame she is a disgrace always getting arrested for domestic disputes.

    • Jcott3

      Lita was more popular with wrestling fans, but WWE went with Trish because she was more marketable to a mass audience. Even if Lita hadn’t broken her neck in 2002, Trish was the Chosen One. WWE was looking for another Sable (but without her massive ego) and Trish fit the bill.

  • bikini kill

    now i dont post on here very often unless something strikes me as bullshit. then i go ahead and speak my mind freely just as i would ijn real life.

    im so tired of hearing that trish and lita were pioneers of womens wrestling in the wwe.

    everyone seems to forget Ivory’s first reign as Womens Champion in 1999. Did all of you start watching when Trish was shoved down our throats and automatically won every match she was in? (im exaggeration but it might as well be true)

    the womens division started to kick off when sable was getting ready to leave. ivory and jacqueline were already feuding along after ivory’s catfightng angle with debra was pushed to the side once they realized what ivory was capable of.

    sable was gone. and she sued the company. so wwe used a talented actual WRESTLER to fill the position as women’s champion. she was a great worker and was willing to do almost anything they gave her. everyone forgets that before trish and lita ivory had been in 3 hardcore matches.

    1. tori vs ivory first womens hardcore match

    2. ivory vs luna hardcore at unforgiven

    3. ivory vs luna vs jacqueline triple threat backstage brawl for the womens championship on smackdown.

    not to mention the hysterical feud she had with the fabulous moolah and her genius insults towards BB. she was the best on the mic no doubt about it. trish was always so rushed and out of breath but ivory was a natural. lita couldnt do mic work for shit aand lets face it all she could do was mimic the hardy boyz moves and retarded taunts.

    just because she can do a moonsault and a diving hurricanrana doesnt make her a pioneer of womens wrestling. eve torres could do a moonsault for fuck sakes and she cant wrestle worth shit compared to ivory jacqueline victoria and jazz.

    im not knocking trish ive met her at an autograph signing and she was very nice. its just that people seem to forget these accomplishments were given to her and she didnt necessarily earn them.

    while trish and lita were endlessly pushed ivory got put on WWE Experience and Tough Enough when she should have been wrestling.. But since Trish had the maxim looks and Lita was the :token alternateen. its as if the american public had never seen a rock chick before give me a fucking break. i think trish became an excellent wrestler and far surpassed lita in every aspect of wrestling. its funny how lita was in there longer than victoria but victoria was amazing from the start and very clean. lita was always sloppy just as ivory said she moved around like gumby like fucking plato. i do respect lita for the recognition she brought to the womens division but she is not a pioneer of the golden age..

    the pioneers of the golden age were ivory jacqueline tori and luna and then trish and lita and the victoria and jazz.

    wwe overlooks their more talented female workers and always have in favor of maxim looking chicks like trish. yes trish was an amazing athlete but all of you act like trish was first and ivory and jacqueline came after her. they were fucking tough enough trainers along with tori and both wrestled in the indies and such. just because they didnt have maxim looks or look like a mall goth rock chick they got overlooked by the company. and even sadder, by you guys the fans. give ivory and jacqueline the recognition they deserve. without them there wouldnt be a trish stratus because when sable was womens champion there was no real womens division. it all started once ivory and jacqueline and tori started brawling. maybe you overlook it because you didnt watch back then but thats what i grew up with. and thats why i stopped watching once they retired their best wrestlers such as ivory and jackie and molly left and they brought in diva search bimbos that couldnt even do a clean sunset flip without falling off to the side.

    yes i give the models credit for trying, but they dont have michelle mccools natural athleticism despite being so thin. people overlook the importance of technical precision and cream their pants for spot monkeys or spotlight hogs. trish isnt a 7 time womens champion because she legit won it all those times. it was rigged so that she would be. i love trish but its ashame how other girls got overlooked because of her. and dont give me that oh shes so marketable kelly kelly defense. i dont give a shit whats marketable for wwe if they’re putting out shitty product. im not a mainstream person so maybe thats why i dont enjoy shitty wrestling in 2 minute matches. i grew up with dom perignon why would i expect anything less if these “models” want to be called wrestlers? train. build MUSCLE like trish did. you need to be strong to carry others and have a sense of gravity unlike some that shall remain nameless.

    whatever im done bitching. just stop overlooking ivory and jacqueline the true pioneers of the womens division and praising trish and lita as gods gift to the wwe divas because without jacqueline and ivory to risk their lives taking litas botched moonsaults to the neck and lifting up trish’s ass onto the ropes so she could do her stupid stratusfaction on them there would be no trish or lita. the end.

    • Spike7000

      The Fabulous Moolah was the one who brought the blue print in what we known as the WWE women’s division then it took off from there

      During the Attitude Era, each woman who were part of that era brought a distinct part during that time period even Debra and The Kat. Ivory was basically like CM Punk because of her character and being VERY vocal about where the women’s division was pressumingly heading to especially when The Kat won the Women’s title

      Stratus brought her part where hey I can be a wrestler but look beautiful while kicking ass while Lita wasn’t afraid to get down with the guys in matches plus bringing that alternative style where she wasn’t a token blonde

    • Paige Knight Revolution

      Good post and good opinions that reach out for the unsung heroes like Ivory, Jackie, Luna, Jazz, Molly Holly, and Victoria. They were all marvelous talents and without a doubt helped shape the division and make it something worth looking forward to. It is true that their division, along with Lita & Trish, is untouched as far as the whole package. It being entertainment, hard hitting, charismatic, and distinctive characters.

      I don’t blame the models directly though. It wasn’t really THEIR fault. They were fame hungry as any aspiring actress, model, or entertainer and saw WWE as their golden ticket. A lot of them quickly faded because it wasn’t their passion and it showed. Others persevered and from that we got women like Eve, Candice, The Bellas, Kelly, Layla – granted they weren’t the Attitude Era girls, where even a Terri Runnels could deliver when called for, but they did what they could. They were all rushed and it really wasn’t their faults. If not them, other model women would have jumped at the opportunities, trained or not. Then we also got women like Michelle McCool and Layla who could take big bumps and are actually quite good in the ring.

      The fault lies with McMahon. Obviously, there are people who have his ear as well, but from what has been said through countless interviews and commentaries from ex and current talent, McMahon has the final say.

      Well anyway, great post and respectable opinions since you’re sincere and faithful to the women who entertained you.

      I have my own reasons as to why I think Lita and Trish are my favorites. I started watching when Chyna, Jackie, Ivory, Trish, Tori, Kat, Mae, Moolah, and the big two were around. I connected with the two more than the others and I respect that they took bumps that the other women didn’t. Say what you will about Lita and Trish’s skills, but there’s no disputing these two took some of the sickest bumps in wrestling. I never saw Jackie or Ivory go through a table or take shots to the head. They were never thrown off ladders or hit repeatedly with trash can lids or thrown around the ring by men twice their size as much as Lita and Trish were. Lita and Trish earned their keep. They brought the fire tthat was missing imo. Just my two cents on that – but anyway, I feel ya.

      • Spike7000

        Look what happened to Amy Weber, Joy Giovanni, Carmella, Ashley Massaro, Kristal Marshall, Elizabeth Rouefaer, Rebecca DiPietro, Maryse, Amy Zidian, Lena Yada, Angela Fong, The Bella Twins, Jillian Beyor, Catalina Swagger, Jenny Cash, Kelly Kelly, Maxine.

        These names quit because they didn’t care because they just wanted exposure for Hollywood and modeling or simply moved on in their lives

        • arwrestling

          Except…. Ashley Massaro, Kristal Marshall, Amy Zidian, Lena Yada & Angela Fong all continued appearing at Indy Events, and even wrestling at some.

          Jillian Beyor was never signed. She was a model who was doing an autograph signing at an event, celebrity endorsement deal.

          Amy Weber quit dure to harrassment. While Joy Giovanni was fired due to budget cuts at the time. Both went on to say they were dissapointed they never got to wrestle and properly execute their feud, and so collaborated to create a wrestling DVD. Joy then returned for WrestleMania 25 battle royale.

          Maryse, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly and Maxine all left for other projects due to frustrations with their standings in the company (legit gripe with many women, including Beth Pheonix, Maria Kanellis, Melina, Jillian Hall, etc.). Maryse & The Bellas still appear at wrestling conventions. And all of these women were around for years. Kelly Kelly lasted 6+ years, Maryse, The Bella Twins and Maxine were around for 5+ years. That’s a career the lengths of Trish Stratus’, not a simple stepping stone move. Life on the road year round for 6 years IS commitment, regardless of how you got there.

          Catalina was fired for getting an unauthorized tattoo. Jenny Cash was released immediately upon returning from a torn ACL. She also was interviewed here and expressed how much she wanted to be a wrestler and how disappointed she was in being released.

          Carmella never signed. It was a one match deal to put Christy Hemme over after her Diva Search win. Elizabeth Rouffaer wasn’t signed, she was invited to a week long training and evaluation gig (similar to Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, and countless others received prior to being signed) and declined the contract.

          Rebecca DiPietro is the only one I will give you who “quit” for lack of passion, and there’s nothing wrong with that. She realised it wasn’t for her and left. Her leaving opened up a spot for others to take over.

        • Paige Knight Revolution

          Yes sweetie, but they didn’t pay their dues and none of them were great in the ring except for Michelle and Layla. They could’ve collected much better groups in the indies is all I’m saying. What’s done is done, but if I could go back in history and change things, the Diva Search would have never been.

          Trish to me, is the only exception. :-)

        • Jake

          Amy Weber = Quit because of being harassed by Randy Orton
          Joy Giovanni = Released
          Carmella = Wasn’t signed
          Ashley Massaro = Released over past issues
          Kristal Marshall = Released/Might of quit due to backstage racism
          Elizabeth Rouefaer = Quit
          Rebecca DiPietro = Released
          Maryse = Quit after many years in WWE
          Amy Zidian = Released but did did Indy shows
          Lena Yada = Released but did Indy shows
          Angela Fong = Released but did Indy shows
          The Bella Twins = Quit after many years in WWE
          Jillian Beyor = Quit
          Catalina Swagger = Released over getting a tattoo
          Jenny Cash = Released, was lost in the shuffle after ACL injury
          Kelly Kelly = Quit after many years in WWE
          Maxine = Quit, frustrated with the division and her contract

          What point where you trying to make? Only two girls quit because they more than likely didn’t like wrestling. The other girls who quit had good reasons, imo. The rest were released on WWE’s terms.

    • Jake


      • Paige Knight Revolution

        I’m just saying there’s. The division could have looked so much better for us. Ugh, don’t get pissy w me…I don’t want to have to deal with another grinch like AJFan

        • arwrestling

          No one’s being pissy… We were just correcting what you said is all. Fact is people blame the Diva Search for brining in models, which is extremely innacurate! What the Diva Search did was allow fans to be in on the process, not change the way they do it. Prior to the Diva Search, the WWE brought in tons of women primarily due to their look as opposed to their in-ring talent.

          Victoria – Was a fitness model who was brought in because of her look.

          Trish Stratus – Was brought in as a model, signed from her calendar and magazine work.

          Sharmell – Was a dancer signed as a Nitro Girl in WCW.

          Nicole Bass – Started off in ECW, but jumped ship to WWE due to the fact that she was a bodybuilder. Had nothing to do with her wrestling skills.

          The Kat – Zero experience. She was brought into WWE in 1999 because she was hot and she was Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend.

          Nidia, Miss Jackie and Shaniqua – Won Tough Enough and neither had any experience prior.

          Francine – Was hot and a fan of ECW and was brought in because of it. Later surfaced in WWE.

          Beulah – Did porn and was seen in a magazine and brought in to work an angle with Raven initially.

          Dawn Marie – Was an actress who was noticed as a fan and asked to work an angle.

          Missy Hyatt – Was a ring rat who dated wrestlers and became a valet because of it.

          Miss Elizabeth – Was hot, and dating Randy Savage, so was signed because of it.

          Sunny – Was hot and dating Chris Candido and was brought in as his valet in SMW.

          Chyna – Was a bodybuilder noticed by Triple H and brought in for training.

          Debra – Was married to a wrestler and hot, thus hired by WCW because of it.

          Sable – Hot and married to Marc Mero, and as such hired.

          Ivory – Was a model and cheerleader and brought into GLOW in the 80s.

          Stacy Keibler – Was a dancer who won a contract with the Nitro Girls.

          Torrie Wilson – Was a fitness model who was hot and brought into WCW because of it.

          Marianna – Was a hot bodybuilder and fitness model brought in because of it.

          Terri Runnels – Was a make-up artist and hot, and such brought into WCW as a valet.

          April Hunter – Was a Playboy model signed by WCW as a valet.

          Hiroko – Was signed when her husband Kenzo Suzuki signed, and had no training or experience.

          Mrs. Yamaguchi – Was a model signed to work an angle that was prolonged.

          Rue DeBona – Brought in to do some backstage interviewing and to host Experience. Model, actress and singer with no experience.

          Barbara Bush (BB) – Had very little experience as a valet, was brought because of her looks. Was a fitness model and Hooters waitress prior.

          Ryan Shamrock – Was a stripper brought in because of her look.

          Dark Journey – Was a stripper brought into the NWA in the 1980s because Ric Flair liked her look.

          Rebecca Budig – A soap opera actress brought in to do some backstage interviewing in 2000.

          The fact is MOST women in the industry PRIOR to recent times were brought into wrestling because they were EYE CANDY. Nothing more nothing less. From there, their careers grew or fizzled, and some went on to become full wrestlers while others didn’t.

          Since the Diva Search, the INDY women’s seen has flourished. Many more young women started entering the business through the indies, as it is much easier to do so today.

          Point is regardless of how they got into the business, or if they started on the Independent Circuit or in WWE, they ALL started with the same amount of training and experience – ZERO. From there some got it quickly, others didn’t catch on at all and left. So to say the Diva Search ruined the division is a farce. There’s been FAR LESS Eye Candy segments since the Diva Search than there were before, and the women wrestling as well as the division itself are much more well rounded now.

          The main problem is not the girls or the roster, it’s the time given. No one can have a great match in 2 minutes, you can do okay but not great. That’s why when they do get the time to actually wrestle (like Eve vs Kailtyn recently, or Trish Stratus vs Lita in 2004) they put on a clinic – BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE SKILL TO DO IT. The group of girls we have now is by far BY FAR the most overall talented group we’ve ever had.

        • redsandman99

          ^So love this post right above me here. Seriously.

        • theprincedann


          majority of what you said is probably right, but the Chyna bit isn’t..

          Chyna started training with Killer Kowalski, years after Triple H. She did a couple of Indies, even booked by Moolah. She went to a couple shows of WWF, then started aiming there. She sought agents, travelled miles, just to show a scrapbook. One night, the agent no showed, and she found whatever wrestlers she could at the hotel, and found HHH. He showed the book to Vince, who, despite not wanting to- signed her.

          Nobody gave her the job, she travelled miles, trained hard and got the job herself.

    • fire_bird

      I think Bikini Kill is missing the fact that Lita had an instant connection to the fans. She was unique, and has even been described as a feminist icon, which goes deeper than just being a ‘rocker chick.’ Ivory was a more capable wrestler, but I think you overrate her skills. She was much better around 2003 when all the divas were training with Fit Finley. Her 2000 era skills were not much better than Lita’s. The hardcore matches argument is invalid as well, because WWE created the 6 man intergender match for Lita and the Hardy Boyz. Now what is more impressive, being in hardcore matches, where little wrestling is required or having such an influence that the company creates a match for you to flourish in? Ivory was good on the mic, but she was also given a lot more time on it than Lita. The latter admits she never talked much in her autobiography. She didn’t need to. There’s more than skill that is required to be influential. Lita had the skill (while never being the best wrestler) the charisma, the moves, the connection, and the presence. Ivory lacked more of those qualities than Lita did.