WWE.com Spotlights NXT Women’s Title Tournament

WWE.com has taken a look at the on-going NXT Women’s Championship tournament and its participants at the semi-final stage.

Written by NXT ring announcer Byron Saxton, the piece spotlights Alicia Fox, Emma, Paige and Summer Rae with insight from WWE and NXT Superstars.

On Alicia Fox, Byron says: “Alicia Fox knows all about making history. As the first African-American WWE Divas Champion, it seems only fitting that Fox is inching closer toward becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion.”

Byron’s ring announcing colleague Kendall Skye weighed in on whether Alicia’s past success could go to her head in this tournament, saying: “Alicia Fox is obviously a favorite because she’s the most experienced Diva of the bunch, Skye admitted. With that said, I know many of the NXT Divas very well and part of me thinks that Alicia runs the risk of being overconfident in this tournament. If she’s not careful, I could easily see one of the other Divas scoring an upset.”

Australian Emma’s description focuses on whether her popularity can help her win the title: “When she first burst onto the scene, the Diva from Down Under displayed what some would describe as laughable dance moves. Surprisingly, those same moves would grow near and dear to the hearts of the NXT Universe.”

WWE Diva Rosa Mendes weighs in on the “Diva of Tomorrow”, Paige’s chances of taking home the gold: “I’m always keeping my eye on the Divas of NXT and I think Paige has a lot of potential. She has a different move set than a lot of the Divas, which makes her difficult to prepare for. In fact, I think one day she’ll give a lot of the WWE Divas a run for their money on Raw or SmackDown. Until then, I expect her to do exceptionally well.”

Finally, Sasha Banks offers her thoughts on Summer Rae’s chances of becoming the inaugural champion: “The one thing I learned about Summer Rae is that she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, Banks stated. A lot of these Divas show you all their cards up front and you know what they are all about, but Summer is different. She’s sneaky and conniving, but she’s also confident. That could be her recipe for success if she keeps it up.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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  • http://www.yahoo.com Gameman305

    WWE actually wrote a article about the nxt divas, very intresting. That means that the divas have finally got some shine they deserve.

  • K2Evefan

    Thats kinda cool…. if only they would give the main roster the same attention…

  • charovnica

    I would have no problem to wipe off the whole current main division (with the exception of 3) and replace them with the NXT division as long as WWE can promise me to not fuck this up.So much potential and talent…it’s worthee of a New Golden Era.

    • Raekon

      Don’t mix up what you see in the developmental with the main roster cause the developmental always had gotten more attention when it comes to the divas.

      Rosa was a OVW Champion and had her own stable, storylines with the Katie Lea and others, came to FCW and started the “Psycho Rosa” storyline, then she was obsessed of the Queen of FCW crown (till she won it) and had showed much more wrestling skill prior to her call up in 2009 on the main roster in which she started jobbing to everyone and kept doing so since.

      Other girls got released before they ever made the main roster, after stucking for partially years in the developmental (ODB, Angelina Love, Angela Fong), others were called up, misused and released later (Katie Lea).

      So calling up all the girls at once would rather turn out bad then good.

      • charovnica

        Or maybe you can start reading comments properly. I said “if they promise to not fuck it up” meaning to use them right,just like they use them in the developmental.I wasn’t talking serious,I was daydreaming about a perfect scenario.

        • Raekon

          I read properly thank you and the fact is that you still considered it even you know they will actually fuck it up.

          So adding this small Detail means nothing in this and I would advice you to be less aggresive in the future.

  • Raekon

    Nice to see that more girls were involved and that Kendal got a more prominent role than just a ring announcer. :)

    We know the outcome and it was obvious who will win since the beginning, but I’m still looking forward to the matches.

    Emma vs Aksana was ok and both girls showcased their character a bit (Aksana more than Emma but still).

  • divaindemise

    Somewhat sad to see Alicia being hailed as groundbreaking yet reduced to developmental leagues all the same. Such is the afterthought that her career has become that any NXT Diva going over her does nothing in the way of providing a rub either, to be honest.

    I’m still excited to see the finale between Paige and Emma.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

    I wish Sasha got further. But hey at least she got an interview lol. I think when she get signed she’ll be an over face. And poor Alicia!!!. For one they talked her up as this big thing but didn’t even get to the finals. The worst is why was she even in the tournament? She needs to be on the main roster doing something with her life instead of being an extra. Paige I need her to be called up ASAP. She hopefully they do like they did in fcw when you win a title shortly after your called up (i.e. AJ, Aksana, Angela Fong and Serena).