NXT Redux (March 6th, 2014): Can the Flair Halt the Emmalution?

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. How are we all? It’s the first show since the monumental NXT Arrival that I was unable to recap due to poor planning within my life. Why other things took priority over recapping the love of my live defending her NXT Women’s Championship is beyond me and I regret it deeply to this day. Erin’s Redux was amazing though so I’m glad she did my fans proud. Sorry to all of those who were expecting my exquisite ramblings. *Pats Erin on the back*

I’m back this week though, and a day earlier than I expected, due to Hulu having uploaded the show already, despite NXT’s move to Thursday nights on the WWE Network. Yeah, I’m also as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles. Despite me writing this way ahead of the Network’s showing, it may take an eternity like usual for a video that I can embed to show up, so apologies for that. It’s not my fault! And please, don’t start any Snitsky jokes. God, as I just referenced Snitsky. Let me take a shower, thoroughly wash my mouth out with Dove soap (other brands are also available) and cleanse my soul listening to whale music.

Now I’m back from that deep sanitization, I ready to dive into this week’s NXT action.


Now I’m off to anger management. Shan’t be long!

Right, no more trips out. I’ve got to man up and face anymore monstrosities head on. Let’s do this. Firstly, I’ll finish this introduction finally! This week, the former Number One Contender to the NXT Women’s Champion (HA! *Calm down Jack, you like Emma really*) Emma takes on one third of the BFFs, Charlotte. Will the Flair of NXT pull a dirty trick from up her sleeve to get the job done or will the Emmalution continue to juggernaut and regard last week as a hiccup? Will Sasha Banks get involved? Will the Summer Rae face on a stick be used as a weapon? So many questions, such little time. I’ve wasted enough as it is, so let’s get to it!


The first Diva sighting of the night is from Renee Young, who is interviewing Adrian Neville in the ring. Not much to talk about here, other than how amazing Renee looked. The beauty in blue!

Renee is back next in a backstage interview with Emma that was taped after NXT: ArRIVAL. Emma says she’s disappointed to lose yet she knows she’ll be a champion in WWE one day. You’re already a Dance Off winner Emma, onwards and upwards! Surprisingly, the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair makes his presence known, wooing and jiving like it’s nobody’s business. Ric tells Emma that the next Women’s NXT Champion (yup, he got the script wrong) is his “lovely” daughter Charlotte. Charlotte waltzes in, declaring how she hates losing so knows Emma must be feeling awful. She says she’s around if Emma ever needs a shoulder to cry on or a girly chat. 1. Those are some dayum chiseled shoulder to cry on. 2. What a strange conversation they could have: bubbles, Tajiri, E. B. White and a whole lotta step mothers.

The backstage segment set up a match between the two and we’re now in the Full Sail arena to see it all unfold. Renee Young is back for her 6547.5th appearance on the episode thus far and she pies Byron Saxton right into the face at the commentary booth. Hilarious. Emma bops her way to the ring before Charlotte struts down to a new theme and a new billed from location. Not sure what Brandi said but it was some form of Queen City? Anywho, Charlotte comes accompanied by Sasha Banks and Summer’s head on a stick. And Summer’s still the best dressed. I’m kidding. How good do Charlotte and Sasha look by the way? They both look good in blue and Charlotte’s hairstyle is more feminine. Looking good to me Miss Flair!

The match starts out with Charlotte not looking too impressed with Emma’s dancing. The pair grapple with Charlotte’s power shown on full display. The stylin’ and profilin’ Diva goes for a clothesline yet Emma dodges it before pulling a face that screams “I’m not too shabby either!” The girls exchange submissions next, with Charlotte wristlocking Emma before the bubbly Australian counters with one of her own. Charlotte powers through and applies a front facelock yet Emma bounces back with a wristlock. Charlotte tries to throw Emma offer yet Emma leaves her in a bigger world of pain in the form of a hammerlock.

After some shots of Sasha bringing the sassiness at ringside, Charlotte gets to her feet yet gets grounded quickly again as Emma rolls her up for two. Charlotte retaliates with a knee to the gut and an Irish whip to the corner. Emma boots Charlotte back and gives her a taste of her own medicine with a whip. Charlotte jumps over Emma yet on the landing, she tweaks her ankle and is in serious pain. Emma tries to capitalize with a pin yet Charlotte is down, yet not yet out. Emma looks on confused as the ref attends to Charlotte. Sasha gets on the apron, looking deeply concerned. Emma faces Sasha only for Charlotte to… BAM!

Charlotte nips up and sadly botches her finisher. Fortunately, Emma sells it like a champ and this one is over. Move over Meryl Streep, we’ve got new top actresses in town. Ok well, maybe not quite, but they still did good!

Later in the night, we catch up with Devin Taylor, who is some bizarre underground club ready to meet Leo Kruger new NXT party-goer Adam Rose.

The Bahamas dweller has an entourage of followers, including six unnamed NXT Divas. They are: Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Kendall Skye, Shara and Veronica Lane. As their unnamed though, I’m going to give them their very own Rose Petal names. They are: Delicious, Sultry, Crumper, Mardi Gras, Brute and Rampant. I literally feel like I’ve had my drink spiked after seeing that segment. SEND. HELP.

Thoughts: This week’s NXT was a refreshing change of pace. Although no new Divas were introduced in the ring, it was nice change of pace to see Charlotte spotlighted instead of just being part of a collective. She was center stage, performed well in her first in-ring outing as a Heel and I was a real fan of her devious antics, not too dissimilar to a certain other member of her family. And I don’t mean David. It’s good to see a new potential challenger to Paige’s belt and what a way for her to get thrown to the front of the queue by beating the former Number One Contender. Good edition of the show and of course, I can’t wait to see Paige compete next week.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • WweRules32

    i enjoyed this match loads

  • Steve

    This was a pretty good match! Great ending to the match!

  • Philip27

    I had no idea the finish was actually botched… It looked quite legit & quite painful!!! And Emma sold it like a f*ckin’ champ!!!

    Oh, by the way, speaking of Emma, MY GOD did she get a pop when she entered!!! They just LOVE her in Orlando!!!

    Nice to see Charlotte get momentum, even though she’s (in my opinion) the weakest of the 3 BFFs (that doesn’t mean she’s bad, she’s actually good, just Sasha & Summer are AWESOME!!!)… Can’t wait for Paige vs Sasha next week!!!

  • Jamie Mitchell

    Good match. Emma was great. Charlotte is coming along good.

  • JillianHallTNA

    It’s great to see that BFFs are still together even tho Charlotte is getting that spotlight right now <3

  • charovnica

    I went into the divas match with low expectations,because I wasn’t sure how Charlotte’s flippy moveset will work under her heel persona,but that was a good match! The minute she fell,I knew she was pulling a trick..she’s a Flair after all! But it was very nicely played and loved the kick up and the reaction it got from the crowd.

    I just hope we’ll see more Paige in the next episodes. Her T-shirt is selling more than well,it has already been sold out,so I’m still hoping her main roster debut is gonna happen sooner rather than later,but if waiting some extra time would mean she would get the right push at the right time,I can shut down my egoistical wants and patiently wait :D

  • Aliciafoxy

    I just watched Eva Marie and Natalya vs AJ and Tamina from SmackDown and it wasn’t that bad.Eva and Tamina fell down at the beginning after a headlock and that was awkward.The rest of the match was good.

  • alexl467

    If the WWE decides to shorten up Rose’s entourage which Divas would you all like to see make the cut, and what types of gimmicks should they have as part of their characters?


  • Aliciafoxy

    It was sooo obvious that Charlotte gonna do some tricks.I mean she is a Ric Falir’s daughter.

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    I really liked the match. It was something different ending wise. I think her gymnastic type moveset works well for her even has a heel (I see it as a cocky show off type moveset). Which is nice to see since the WWE seems to think that if you are a heel you cant do any type of flashy moves.

  • wweann

    what happen to the match between summer and aksana?

    • shameronstar

      The tapings last month were scrapped because of nxt arrival!

  • Brandon

    *Note to self

    Before watching I am predicting a decent match with charlette winning :) I have no idea how these two will mesh.

  • IrishFan96

    I liked this match. Charlotte feels like a threat to Paige imo. I loved the slyness at the end ant the chants “sasha is rachet” and “Better than Batista” xD. I like Charlottes new look but Summer-on-a-stick is still the hottest bff. Also Becky Lynch was in the adam rose entrance, she was wearing the blue top. Becky Lynch slaying everyone so much that people forgot her. Becky FTW

    • Nikolas Dombkowski

      There were a bunch of NXT Divas in his promo. The Cat was Veronica Lane the girl behind her was Carmella (Leah Van Damme), Alexa Bliss was the girl sitting next to him.

  • Mariah_Scarey#TheRealWinner

    Good match. Charlotte is looking sooo good, even her ring gear looks better, and that fake injury thing gave me life, done like a true Flair, the finish was sloppy though with Emma hitting her head.

  • Brandon

    Very nice technical moves here. I didn’t think they would mesh well but it was decent and the crowd was in love with Emma. Charlotte’s way of winning was great because she literally just hopped up and finished her.

  • ????? KING ?????

    Need to see more of Charlotte heel work before i start saying she is a threat to Paige match was short but ok made no sense for Paige not to be in a backstage segment with Charlotte and Sasha setting up a match next week also have to say i love i think his name is Adam Rose aka Kruger that entrance the music the party awesome also looks like Shara will have a Chyna/ Asya type gimmick notice her standing there ice grill arms folded and i have to say she is beautiful

    • charovnica

      I loved Adam Rose too! He really managed to put me in a party move and he was impressive in the ring also. The Kruger gimmick was not working for him and he seems more connected to the new one. And we got to see Lexii ! :D

  • BorisG

    I like Charlotte’s new look, I hope she doesn’t change it. Sasha had awesome attire. I’m sad that they cut tapings where Charlotte faced Bayley and Summer vs Aksana.

    • http://iheartdg.com/ BOMA YE

      Doesn’t it look like she stole Summer’s NXT ring gear?

  • Christopher Bello

    Oh Sasha ???????????????????? I’m DYING to see her in action again!!! This match was pretty good, the crowd and finish is really what made it. Sasha is owning her character and acting, she looked genuinely concerned but still forshadowed the end by getting on the apron. Lovinggggg herrrrrr

  • Lily

    The way the match ended was great. Charlotte is really improving all around, character, wrestling, look, etc.

  • Ivory Poison

    This girl sucks another Ava, why can we have Sasha, Bayley or Becky vs Paige.

  • AdrianRay

    Summers head!!!! LMFAO!!!!

    • http://iheartdg.com/ BOMA YE

      I wanted one! LOL

  • Sou’

    What a botch on her finishing move… Anyway great match
    On an other point: Does Lana train in ring or she will be a manager forever ?

    • IceQuinnLana

      yes she is training!! . you can watch the video on dailymotion when she was on diva search with eva, jojo ,etc. she’s pretty athletic :)) can’t wait to see her wrestling skills .

      • Sou’

        You could give me a link to the video ? I would love to see her in a ring… She has THE personnality and carisma

  • ????? KING ?????

    I dont know if you guys saw the report but looks like it may be no time soon Paige being called up there saying that WWE is giving NXT a big push of its on as a pure wrestling brand kind of like an Indy show of the WWE same thing Erin mentioned on DD weekly reports is that at Arrival officials met with all the talent and told them to be patient it will be a long slow build before there on the main show and that it isnt really a bad thing cause there going to push them to the sky and they may end up getting more spotlight on NXT than they do on the main roster this is the reason NXT stars are getting merchandise and themes on itunes there is also talk of featuring NXT matches on WWE ppv’s one being talked about is the NXT title defended at Mania and they have no plans of calling no one up soon there exception was Emma and Rusev … im torn on the whole thing guess we will just see how this works

    • charovnica

      Paige will be brought up I’m sure,as well as Zayn and they won’t miss the chance to put Adam Rose in the place of Brodus as the entertaining dancing guy.

  • Shaun

    Good match. Emma is so over in Orlando!!! What a great pop. I hope this will eventually happen on the main roster too. Sasha bringing Summer’s head on a stick gave me Shimmer feels!!! Great chain wrestling to start out from both. Charlotte faked the injury really well, and kudos to both Emma and Sasha for their reactions to it as well. It’s a shame the ending was iffy. Ring positioning seemed to be a factor as they were close to the ropes and you could see Emma was moving into a better position, but Charlotte went for it anyway. Nevertheless a good showing. I wasn’t sure how Charlotte would adapt her moveset to working as a heel, but she seemed fine. I haven’t connected with her yet though, she seems a little blah compared to Paige, Emma, Summer, Bayley and Sasha, but I’m hoping that will change the more I see of her. I do hope we have a little less Ric Flair though…

  • Rodney Holston

    mmmm I love me some Sasha Banks. And this match was actually quite good. Emma lost without looking weak and nice character progression from Charlotte as well, the “Dirtiest Diva” name is great btw.