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Nia Jax earns title shot after Battle Royal victory

Nia Jax took the win in the Battle Royal match at WWE Evolution. Although this win may have been an obvious one to some, Jax was able to outlast 19 other women and secure her spot back into the RAW women’s title picture. As the winner of this match, she has a future shot at the title, which was successfully defended by Ronda Rousey, later on that evening.

Some notable moments of the match:

Each woman was able to come out to their own entrance. Usually, when matches feature too many wrestlers to count, time doesn’t allow for individual entrances. However, with a smaller card, there was plenty of time to utilize; a nice change from a usual WWE introduction.

The IIconics were the first two immediately eliminated, as both Peyton Royce and Billie Kay were eliminated by many of the participants, right from the start.

A short focus right after the IIconics elimination was on the Legend returnees (and Maria). This did not end up with any eliminations.

After Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville eliminate Torrie Wilson from the match, Deville is still on the ring apron. Rose betrays her post-Absolution, no tag-team name partner, and eliminates her from the match. Is post-Absolution over?

There was a successful dance break during the match between Carmella and Hall of Famer, Ivory.

Jax and Tamina come face-to-face midway through the match (some still wanted this as a one-on-one match). The cousins don’t brawl, but instead, display a small shout-out to Roman Reigns by imitating him. They then team up to knock several of their opponents down. They resume their stare down, only to have Lana interrupt and attempt to stop the fighting. Lana was then promptly eliminated by the Samoans from the match.

The final four chopped its way down to Asuka, Ember Moon, Tamina, and Jax, or so we thought. After Asuka was eliminated, Tamina then followed suit. With Jax and Moon left, Moon puts all the effort in trying to get Jax over the top rope. Zelina Vega reemerges as she was never eliminated. Vega, who apparently thought she had tossed over Jax and Moon, celebrated. Neither Jax nor Moon was eliminated and Jax made short work of Vega by throwing her over the top rope and onto the eliminated Tamina, on the ramp.

Jax was finally able to eliminate Moon and walk away as the victor.

In a quick post-match exclusive, Jax was asked about her tribute to Reigns and how she feels her win will influence young women in the WWE Universe.

In other exclusives, see what Ivory and Ember Moon had to say after the match backstage:

What did you think of this match? Were you happy that Nia Jax won? What was your favorite moment? Do you think that she will be Rousey’s toughest competition yet? Sound off in the comments below!

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