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Why hasn’t Shayna Baszler been on WWE programming?

Shayna Baszler hasn't been seen on WWE programming for nearly two months. The last match to feature the Queen of Spades was...
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Erica Porter on loyalty to WOW and “cutting the cancer”

Erica Porter, known as Jungle Grrrl at Women of Wrestling (WOW), has never wanted to be a valet, or just a side...

First look at this week’s WOW on AXS TV

In just a few shorts weeks since Tessa Blanchard captured the vacant WOW Championship, she is feeling the heat. All eyes are...

Women wrestlers speak out about intergender wrestling

Intergender wrestling, wrestling that occurs when a male and female wrestler compete against each other, has been a hot topic since wrestling's...

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A Distinct Perspective for the WWE In Your House Brand and the Women’s Division

The New Generation Era was known for its link between the Golden era and the Attitude era.  A struggling WWE was competing...

RAW Discussion Post: 06.22.20

For this week's RAW, we have two women's title matches on the agenda. First, we have the RAW Women's Championship that will...

Sasha Banks speaks out on Sammy Guevara’s apology

Please note this topic is extremely sensitive. It is in regards to the #SpeakingOut movement on sexual abuse.