First look at this week’s WOW on AXS TV


In just a few shorts weeks since Tessa Blanchard captured the vacant WOW Championship, she is feeling the heat. All eyes are on her title as Jungle Grrrl will continue to claw her way back to the gold. Jungle Grrrl has the longest reign of the title’s history, and is out to snag a second reign.

One of the upcoming matches for the new episode includes the Monster Of Madness, Havok, taking on the energetic Eye Candy. Eye Candy is currently healing up from neck surgery, and we here at Diva Dirt wish her a healthy recovery. Fans who would like to keep up with her recovery can visit her on social media @w_nightingale_ and @wow_eyecandy. Episodes of WOW were filmed last year, explaining the difference in Eye Candy’s health.

Other matches on this episode include Jessie Jones vs. Chantilly Chella, The Temptress vs. Fire, Azteca vs. Kobra Moon, and The Beverly Hills Babe vs. Jungle Grrrl. Jungle Grrrl has Blanchard in her sights, but is she focused enough on her current challenger to get that chance?

Check out a first look of the newest episode in the video at the top of this article!

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