Team P.C.B. vs. Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella, SummerSlam 08/23/15


Happy Friday!

With SummerSlam around the corner let’s go back a few years to when Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch were fresh on the main roster.

After these three Horsewomen came up to the man roster, they formed teams with current main roster stars. Lynch and Flair teamed up with Paige in order to form Team P.C.B. Banks joined Naomi and Tamina in Team B.A.D.

Some may say that these teams forming was the start of the Divas Revolution. Others may same it started a little bit later. Regardless of where and who you find started the revolution/evolution, this match is definitely one that will be remembered by women’s wrestling fans.

You may click on the video above in order to see which team came out on top from this SummerSlam match.

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  1. They did Team B.A.D so bad during this feud even though they were the best team out of the three. Team Bella were always flipping between heel and face and it never really made sense. PCB fka Submission Sorority werent all that to me as faces. Char was blander than water and Becky was… eh? This match was good for what it was but much like the entirety of the feud there wasnt anything to chase after until after this match so they were just having random triple threats and tag matches week after week

  2. Jim Ross and Chris Jericho both said the Diva’s Revolution then flopped because 1) bringing up too many women too fast without establishing who they were, and 2) putting them all on teams, which took the Divas title out of the picture.

    Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they’d brought the Four Horsewomen up to the main roster as an on-air faction instead, and let them lay waste to the division.

  3. Man did this “Revolution” get off to a bumpy start… the whole team thing was just way too forced, and honestly was just used as a means to extend Nikki’s title reign. Aj & Nikki both have such long reigns almost back to back was almost excruciating to deal with.

    They should have brought them up for a 6 pack challenge: Nikki vs Charlotte vs Sasha vs Becky vs Paige vs Naomi. Maybe have Nikki sneak by with the belt once or twice and then move on..

  4. Back then, we were so pumped for this and we really thought this was the best thing to happen for the women. Looking back at it now, it could’ve been done wayyyy better. When you take time to think about it, there wasn’t any significant change made, it’s just that WWE kept saying it was a revolution that we believed it. Putting them in different factions didn’t make a lot of sense and they gained nothing later on. The matches were a bit longer but they weren’t given worthy storylines. I think it really shifted once Charlotte turned on Becky and they feuded, which was a really great rivalry. And for that SS match, it was clearly overshadowed by Sasha and Bayley’s TakeOver match the night prior, it couldn’t compare.

  5. Horrible way to introduce to the world 3 of the Four Horsewomen, I mean after that “Divas Revolution” movement we started to see long women’s matches, however this match was pointless and a bit lost in the shuffle, although it was great technically speaking.