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Bound For Glory Predictions: ODB vs. Brooke vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Knockouts Champion ODB puts her title on the line against both Brooke and Gail Kim. Which Knockout will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weighs in…

Bobby: I haven’t gotten to keep up with TNA as much as I used to, but I feel like I know enough to ask… why is Gail Kim in this match? I get Brooke since she won the contenders match against Velvet Sky, but I feel like I haven’t heard anything about Gail for a while. I could’ve missed something, so I may just be talking out of my you-know-what, but I will say this match at least does feel fresh in comparison to ODB facing either of them on her own. My guess is Lei’D Tapa wreaks havoc on everyone, but the question is whether or not that’ll come after the match ends or while it’s in progress to cause a DQ. Being that Tapa seems to be out on her own and not choosing to align with a certain disposition in the way monster type wrestlers typically are, it adds a bit of mystique as to who could win since I could logically see her feuding with either a face or heel. To be honest, she may be the underdog, but I think Brooke winning would do the most for the title. She’s involved with a top male, she’s newly turned heel thus adding an element of freshness we haven’t yet seen since her previous reigns were as a face, and, to put it truthfully, while I do also like some of the other Knockouts such as Velvet and… uhh, Dixie Carter (?), she’s pretty much the only one left that really peaks my interest seeing as champion unless they finally do pull the trigger on that Dixie reign I’ve been hoping for.

Chris: Aah, hard to believe it’s time for another Bound For Glory. It’s hard to be a TNA fan sometimes, especially over the past year. Scandals, Struggles, and crappy angles have certainly put a damper on the product that I once loved. I think it’s clear that Dixie Carter will win the belt and then the company will physically explode on the spot. #DixieLand. I kid. So in this match you have Brooke (no longer Tessmacher, now one name like Cher, Madonna or Ke$ha.) who was one of the most improved females in 2012, Gail Kim who always puts on amazing matches (two of them this year), and ODB… who…. is… the champion? Clearly the wild card in this situation is Lei’D Tapa. Who’s not only a fierce competitor, but her last name is also a type of appetizer. She’s gone through Velvet Sky and her hobo clothes, and she also made a statement by attacking ODB. Gail Kim is worried about the role Lei’D will play, Brooke of course is worried about Brooke. As she should be with that beautiful new smile. But the real question here is, Is ODB distracted by Tapa? I think so. That’s why I’m picking Brooke to cheat her way to a victory via a dirty roll up.

Cryssi: Ummm…. OBD because YOLO. Go Bears!

Eleri: Given the outstanding build up to this match and the recent turmoil between these three women – oh no, wait. In all honesty, I’m not sure where they’re going with this. I don’t think ODB will retain, but then what would have been the point of her winning the title in the first place when Mickie left? If Gail wins, I see them going down the Gail/Lei’D Tapa route. If Brooke wins, I can see them turning Gail straight and putting her with the Main Event Mafia to take on Brooke and Aces and Eights. I’d prefer if Brooke won, just because it would light a spark under a load of potential storylines that, let’s face it, the division needs. So I’m going with Brooke.

Erin: It’s weird that the one Knockout they’re relling pushing that the moment (Lei’D Tapa) isn’t in this match, but I suppose they feel they need to build her up a bit more – maybe wrestle an actual match? – before she gets her shot. With that in mind, I know TNA needs a babyface to be her foil as she climbs the ranks, and unless something drastic happens, Gail and Brooke will remain heels. So, TNA needs ODB to retain so she can eventually drop the title to Tapa. So yeah, ODB wins.

Jack: ODB has this one in the bag. As the only Face in active competition right now, the belt needs to be on her to allow the heels to chase the belt. With Brooke busy with Bully Ray and Gail having faced ODB about 93653523 times already, I see ODB winning before Lei’D Tapa makes her presence felt. ODB wins – BAM!

BREAKDOWN: 3 for Brooke, 3 for ODB and 0 for Gail.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

Note: We’re keeping a record of our Pay-Per-View predictions. Check out Team Diva Dirt’s PPV Prediction Scoreboard after the match to see who’s in the lead!

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