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Could Evolution 2 be announced at RAW Reunion?

RAW Reunion is Monday and many alums are returning for this special event. Some exciting names haven’t been part of prior “reunion” moments. Events such as the first Royal Rumble and last years Evolution haven’t hosted such stars as Melina, Candice Michelle, and Jillian Hall. These are just a few names that haven’t appeared on previous events or any WWE programming for years.

As a result of newer names being brought in for this RAW Reunion, could this be a sign that Evolution 2 is about to be announced? Evolution was announced on July 23 last year, so the timing is pretty spot-on for the second annual event announcement to occur. Perhaps some of these names will appear in either a battle royal or maybe Melina will get that one-on-one match against Naomi that many fans are hoping for.

Credit: WWE

Let’s take a look at WWE’s current pay-per-view schedule. November has two pay-per-view events scheduled with Nov. 1 being the next Saudi Arabia show. According to the CBS Sports pay-per-view listing, October is still listed as “TBA.” Now, this could be simply because Evolution was in that slot last year, but why wouldn’t there be a replacement show announced by now? Well according to some media outlets an event has been announced.

According to PWInsider there is now an event scheduled for the month of October. They state that Hell in a Cell is scheduled for Oct. 6. It seems as though Hell in a Cell was originally scheduled for September but that is now Clash of Champions. Does this now completely take Evolution out of the running?

It is factual to note that since WrestleMania the women have certainly taken a backseat. Without Ronda Rousey in the picture, it seems as though the business is back to usual. Some may say that is giving Rousey too much credit.

RAW is normally lucky to see more than one women’s match a week. SmackDown was frequently using RAW talent for their title picture. Then we have the Women’s Tag Titles which haven’t been a center of focus since WrestleMania.

With Becky Lynch now facing Natalya and Bayley facing Ember Moon for their respective titles at SummerSlam, maybe we are back on course a bit. There have also been rumblings of Ronda Rousy returning earlier than expected. Rousey was a focal point of last years Evolution.

Credit: WWE

Sasha Banks has also been advertised locally by Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. as scheduled to appear at RAW Reunion prior to the “reunion” portion being announced.

RAW Reunion could just be to boost ratings and nothing more than that. Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks returning may be just to help out SummerSlam. It may be too naive to still think that Evolution is in the plans at all. It just leaves a little hope that they are bringing back women they normally don’t that perhaps an Evolution 2 is still in the plans for this year.

What are your thoughts of the returning talent for the reunion special? Do you think it is going to lead to anything other than a boost in the ratings? Do you think Evolution 2 will still happen this year? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

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