Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Five WWE Superstars who should join AEW

Credit: WWE

Ember Moon

Ember Moon follows a very similar path as Ruby Riott has. A stellar talent in the indie scene known as Athena, Moon took on many opponents through the indie scene. Since joining WWE she has seen success as the NXT Women’s Championship during her time on the developmental brand. Unfortunately, since moving to the main roster she has been more of a “fill in” talent.

She has produced almost zero character development on the main roster. She spent some time being Nia Jax‘s best friend, but that didn’t last very long. There is a tendency for her to randomly be added to six-women tag team matches when there is no motive behind it. Being on the main roster for over a year has made her seem like a “rookie” when she certainly is much more.

During the Superstar Shake-up, she did move to the SmackDown. This had the potential to allow her to shine more being on the blue brand, but since she made the jump she hasn’t done much. She has been caught backstage reading a book for the past few weeks.

Moving to AEW could unleash the real War Goddess that she really is. The vibe of AEW is being pegged as more of an “alternative” feel. This could be the right way for these indie stars on this list to show their full talent and showing more of themselves in a match.

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