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Five WWE Superstars who should join AEW

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Lastly, we have Asuka. Now, Asuka has had some great success in WWE. She held the NXT Women’s Championship for 522-days and had to vacate it to come to the main roster, still never losing a match. She continued her winning streak of 914-days before losing to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34. An accomplishment of being the first Women’s Royal Rumble winner also occurred during this streak.

Since then her momentum has all but stopped. She won the SmackDown Women’s Championship in December 2018. This title win was more of a transitional champion to just give it right back to Charlotte Flair taking Asuka out of a title match at WrestleMania 35. Let’s not look over the fact that while Asuka was champion she was barely in matches or on WWE programming.

She most recently has been linked with Kairi Sane and named the Kabuki Warriors with Paige as their manager. They have not been seen for weeks since developing this tag team. Although Asuka doesn’t need to always have a title around her waist, she should be in the ring weekly performing for fans.

Asuka may be better suited at this point in AEW. AEW has shown that they are bringing Joshi style to America with their Double or Nothing pay-per-view. She would excel in this type of atmosphere. She also has a history of intergender wrestling which is rare for Japan. Japanese promotions keep genders separated as their own entities.

Statistically, women with indie experience may do better in AEW, whereas “homegrown” talent may be better to stay in WWE.

Who would you have on your list to move to AEW from WWE? Let us know in the comment section below!

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