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Five WWE Superstars who should join AEW

Professional wrestling fans all over are rapidly shifting their attention towards AEW and their product. They recently had their first event Double or Nothing and many fans are raving about the show. The company has three pay-per-view’s currently scheduled through the summer and a television deal coming in the fall. This deal with the TNT network will open a wider chance that WWE talent may consider AEW as a viable option.

With Dean Ambrose (now-Jon Moxley) leaving WWE to move to AEW it raised many eyebrows. He recently was featured on Chris Jericho’s podcast and aired out many feelings he had for WWE. A topic that was discussed with Jericho was how he felt trapped creatively and in turn, many others felt the same way.

Previously we have provided lists of female wrestlers we would like to see in AEW. Due to the timeframe of those posts, we didn’t take any WWE Superstars into consideration. Now that there is a better chance that WWE talent may take the leap to AEW let’s address five women who would benefit the change of scenery.

For this list, Sasha Banks is an obvious choice due to the recent hiatus and rumors. She will be left off of it to provide others to be listed. This is in no way to discredit her, but the option for her is more obvious than most.

Let’s get right into the list.

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