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Is WWE dropping the ball on Evolution?

What is Evolution? Evolution can be defined as the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Perfect, right? This is exactly what WWE has been doing with its women’s division. The evolving of the division from what was the Divas division to what is the Women Superstars of today has been a wonderful process. As we all know, the women have evolved from having 30-second matches, to 15 minute main events, and a lot of firsts includking the first ever all women’s pay per view event, Evolution, set to take place on October 28th. However, it appears that this first may be taking a backseat to that of the Crown Jewel pay per view that follows it just a week later.

It was in the middle of the summer on July 23rd, Stephanie McMahon announced that in three months, over 50 women will participate in the first ever all women’s PPV, Evolution. That was almost three months and for an event that promised to have over 50 women, there has arguably been little build up for this event. For an event that is just two weeks away from this coming Sunday, and was announced three months ago, the card hasn’t taken shape and as stacked as one may think it should be at this point. Since September and up to the beginning of November, WWE will have had Hell in a Cell, Super Show-Down, Evolution, Smackdown 1,000, and Crown Jewel. With all of these events occurring within a two month time frame, it is no surprise that fans are feeling that Evolution is taking a back seat. Could Evolution be falling by the waist side due to it being sandwiched between Super Show-down and Crown Jewel?

On NXT, Kairi Sane will continue her rivalry with Shayna Baszler, which dates back to the inagural Mae Young Classic, as she defends the NXT Women’s Championship. This may be considered to have “build up”, but seeing as it has been going on for a year, it was still lack of planning.

Speaking of the Mae Young Classic, the finals to this year’s tournament will be held as part of Evolution. With having this as a finals at the event, it brings up the fact that they could have had a tournament on the main roster. Queen of the ring maybe?

On the RAW brand, the only match that has been slightly been promoted is the Alexa Bliss facing off against the Hall of Famer and seven-time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Stratus recently showed up on RAW at the end of August and interrupted an Elias performance. She highlighted her match with Bliss but had no interaction with her. Since then, Bliss has had her “Moment of Bliss” segment in an attempt to humiliate Stratus. This small build-up has now brought us to a different match then what was originally announced. Instead of having a one on one match, this match will now be a tag team match of Bliss/Mickie James to face Stratus/Lita. Originally James facing Lita was its own match with no build up whatsoever. Although it may be the right way to handle these two matches, by combining them into one, it did not solve the overall issue. We now we have one less match on the card. Now this week we finally saw the rumor come to fruition and Nikki Bella turned on Ronda Rousey, so we now have her facing the champion at Evolution. With this possible main event at Evolution, is it too late to really build on this rivalry?

On the SmackDown brand, the only match that has been built up is the Becky Lynch facing Charlotte Flair rematch. There is not another woman on the Smackdown roster that has been included as of yet, now just 2 weeks shy of this momentous occasion.

Just a couple days ago in a WWE exclusive, we see the team of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose along with the IIconics in the locker room joking and laughing about Lana‘s recent “One night in Milwaukee” video. After Lana shows up in the locker room and the verbal attack on her continues, Carmella enters and defends the ravishing Russian. This interaction could be a hint at the highly rumored tag team titles being introduced at Evolution. This would have been a great segment to show on the main show of Smackdown to start including other participants as an option for Evolution. Maybe even had a match come from it?

From both main roster shows this week it is safe to say Evolution has taken a back seat to Crown Jewel by the constant qualifying matches for the men. Also, with Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio coming back, this is also taking time away from the women. Hopefully, within the next two weeks, we can see more storylines develop. Maybe they will use Smackdown 1,000 to incorporate some past women who may show up at Evolution. Regardless of the lack of buildup, I for one am still excited for an event dedicated to the powerful women of the WWE.

What do you think of the current build up for the Evolution PPV? What do you think they should be or have been doing? Do you think they are promtimg Crown Jewel more than Evolution? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!!!

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