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Lita Day: Favorite Lita Moments

Steven‘s pick: Lita and Matt Hardy’s first kiss

One of my favorite moments in Lita’s career has to be her first onscreen kiss with Matt Hardy. We all know that this story doesn’t have the happiest of endings, but the way it started was adorable.

In case you don’t know the backstory, Lita spent a good portion of 2001 being courted (perhaps “stalked” is a better word…) by Dean Malenko. She even challenged him for his WWE Light Heavyweight Championship. Their feud culminated with a singles match on Raw, which Lita won with some help from her Team Extreme partner, Matt Hardy. Post-match, Matt gets caught up in the moment and lays a wet one on Lita. Embarrassed, he retreats up the ramp, but Lita chases him down and returns the favor, to the delight of the crowd.

I don’t know about you guys, but I played this moment on repeat via my It Just Feels Right DVD (I was always a hopeless romantic) and every time it gave me butterflies. If you were a Team Extreme fan, you shipped Lita and a Hardy Boy (or both… No judgment…) before shipping was cool, and you probably freaked out for this moment like I did.

Lita did a lot in the squared circle in her storied career, but the start of her on screen relationship with Matt Hardy had to be one of my favorite WWE moments of all time.

What is your favorite Lita moment?

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