Lita and Trish Stratus discuss top 5 moments as Team Bestie and retirement


Recently, DS Shin of Ring The Belle got to sit down in an exclusive interview with WWE Women’s Division legends Lita and Trish Stratus to talk about their top five moments as Team Bestie and how they felt about retiring from the business.

Diva Dirt got the jump on the highlights of the interview, where Lita and Stratus commented on Ring The Belle’s Top 5 Team Bestie Moments, “sexy” Diva gimmicks, and retiring from WWE.

The women reflect back to when Lita saved Stratus from taking a dangerous nosedive off a platform, at Invasion 2001.

Trish: “If you guys will continue to watch the clip, you will see that she saved my life.”
Lita: “As we’re backing up giving them ‘what for’.”
Trish: “Yeah, ‘what’s up, we won, that’s right!’ And then woah! But you didn’t see my face. I kept the composure. Like, woah, I almost fell!”
Lita: “I swooped in and saved her life.”
Trish: “And that’s the moment we became besties.”
Lita: “Good that we still have her. We could’ve lost her.”
Trish: “Thank you.”

The legends shared their comments on “sexy” gimmicks Divas had to endure, including rolling around in toxic farm mud.

Ring the Belle: “The Divas division had to often compete in these sexy matches, but you always showed that you are kicking ass, it’s like, all strong and powerful. What was your mindset going into these matches?”
Trish: “For me, personally, was like, make the best out of it. I know when I had a gravy match, I was like, ‘A gravy match, really? Okay, I’ll do this gravy match…if I can be thrown off the top ramp into the bowl of gravy.'”
Lita: “Mud, right? It was like some toxic farm mud.”
Trish: “Actually we found the packaging after, and it wasn’t good. Do not ingest!” 
Lita: “Or, ingest a lot of it!”
Trish: “Or wrestle in!”

While watching the top five Team Bestie moments, Lita and Stratus describe the moment Stratus turned against a hostile live crowd for calling Lita a “slut” during a Raw segment in April 2005.

Ring the Belle: “You were doing a segment for a more of a hostile crowd. What was it like going through this together?”
Lita: “We had some telepathy going on.”
Trish: “We went completely off script for this one. We went our own way, and went with the crowd, and tried to wrangle them in. It was interesting.”

Shin asked the Hall of Famers to reflect on their experiences retiring from WWE, including Lita’s struggle with the notion.

Ring the Belle: “You two often talk about how your careers were very Yin and Yang. Your retirements also looked very different from each other’s, too. What’s your thought on that?”
Lita: “I mean, I’ve always been the redheaded stepchild. It was not gonna end any different way. Literally the redheaded stepchild, it’s okay.”
Trish: “Different characters and different storylines going into it. Our’s was focus on our feud and our rivalry.”
Lita: “As a baby face too, and retiring as a heel. I’ve never been, like, quiet about it. I was super uncool with it. I went up the chain. I went to the producers, I went to the writers, I went to Vince. I went back to the producers, back to the writers, back to Vince. It was a hard ‘no’.”

Watch the entire video to see the full list of best Team Bestie moments, as well as see Lita and Trish sing and lip sync to Trish’s WWE Original tune, released in 2004, “I Just Want You”.