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Lucha Libre USA Taping Spoilers from This Past Weekend

Lucha Libre USA continued filming for their second season this past Saturday night. The show’s return to MTV2 has yet to be announced.

Spoilers below:

(1) Nikki Coreleone (Roxxi) beat Chrissy Cialis (Kristin Astara). In a return to the bad habits of March’s show, this match started off with planted fan interference by a pair of irate female fans (it was unclear what exactly they were irate about). After a scuffle that lasted way longer than it needed to, Nikki and Chrissy had a fine match that lasted a few minutes. It ended with Nikki scoring the pin after a nifty move that transitioned a bearhug into a sort of seated spinebuster.

* Octagoncito and Mini Park continued to sell Rekon’s beating in the ring as Chrissy Cialis and Tigresa Caliente (formerly Rhaka Khan in TNA) ran to the ring to start a tag match with the minis. Again, the referee seemed to see nothing wrong with this and motioned to ring the bell.

(4) Chrissy Cialis & Tigresa Caliente beat Octagoncito & Mini Park in a minis/chicas tag team match. Chrissy and Tigresa dominated from the start, and finally finished off Park with a tag team double chokeslam. The match was questionable to say the least, and continued to drive home that there seems to be no plans to give the company’s mini and woman wrestlers any real storylines or feuds.

* Rebecca Reyes came to the ring and told a strange story about being drugged by Tigressa Caliente and forced to marry mini luchador Pequeño Halloween. This brought out Halloween in a wheelchair accompanied by Tigressa and Chrissy Cialis. The three women then turned on Halloween, claiming the whole thing was a set up so Reyes could divorce him and take half of his money. This brought out Chi Chi, who claimed that in reality Halloween had signed no such agreement, and in fact had put a restraining order on Reyes. Reyes was dragged off by security (Source)


Lucha Libre USA’s next taping will take place on June 18th, and is entitled ‘Masked Warfare’.

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