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NCW: Femmes Fatales XVII Results: LuFisto Wins the NCW:FF Championship

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Last night, NCW: Femmes Fatales held its 17th event in Montreal and crowned a new NCW:FF Champion. LuFisto would claim the honor by defeating both Courtney Rush and Saraya Knight in a Triple Threat match.

This adds another title to LuFisto’s mantle, joining the WSU World Title.

Full results below, courtesy of Dave Muscarella:

  • Pre-show Notes: Angie Skye and Bettie Rage are both injured and will not be competing. The Four-Way match has turned into a Three-Way and Deziree has until match time to find a partner. Crowd was around 200-300 people.
  • Courtney Rush cuts a heelish promo to start the show. She says it’s unfair to change the title match to a 3 way a couple weeks before the show. Thinks LuFisto has something to do with it and inserted herself to the title match. This brings LuFisto who says Rush must be watching too much wrestling on Monday nights because she is not the daughter of the promoter and doesn’t have any say in her matches. LuFisto then starts speaking in French which makes Rush mad and she demands that she speak to her in English. LuFisto then tells Rush to “go fuck yourself”. Finally, Saraya Knight comes out and laughs at the two babyfaces arguing and this is perfect for her.
  • Missy beats La Parfaite Caroline via rollup. Caroline came out with Lysol spray and wearing a surgical mask over her face. Missy came out with her trademark Teddy bear. After the match, Caroline complains to the ref only to receive a flatliner from Missy for her troubles. Quick, but fun match. Caroline has a great bitchy heel gimmick and interacted well with the fans.
  • Jessika Black beats Stacy Thibault via submission. This was a Torture Chamber Wrestling Dojo match as both these women are graduates from the school. Good technical match from both. Crowd seemed to be into both even though they were virtual unknowns.
  • Sweet Cherrie beat Portia Perez and Sassy Stephie to earn an open contract to face any wrestler she wants anytime. Angie Skye was the special guest ref for the match since she couldn’t wrestle. Sassy Stephie was eliminated via superkick from Portia first. Then, Sweet
    Cherrie eliminated Portia after hitting a stunner. Fun match with a lot of trash talking from the heels.
  • Leah Von Dutch & Kaitlin Diemond (Ontario Top Team) defeated the debuting Seleziya Sparx and Hania the Howling Huntress after Diemond pinned Hania. Good back and forth match with Hania especially REALLY impressing the crowd.
  • Deziree & Eve (replacing Bettie Rage) defeated Pink Flash Kira and Mary Lee Rose after Deziree fakes getting hit by a chair shot behind the refs back. Ref DQ’d the babyfaces even though he didn’t see the chair shot. Classic Eddie Guerrero heel work here. Good stuff.
  • Cheerleader Melissa beat Vanessa Kraven after Kraven missed a cannonball in the corner and Melissa put her feet on the ropes to get the pinfall. Best match of the night with Kraven dominating a lot of the match.
  • nCw:FF Title Match: LuFisto beats Courtney Rush and Saraya Knight to become the new Femmes Fatales Champion. This was a No DQ match. Funny moment to start when Saraya Knight tried to low blow Rush, but she revealed she was wearing a cup to protect herself. LuFisto pinned Rush first to eliminate her which caused Rush to snap and attacks LuFisto including hitting an F5. LuFisto then pins Saraya Knight after hitting multiple chair shots to the face.
  • After the match, both Rush and Cheerleader Melissa come out to attack LuFisto. Saraya Knight doesn’t help either side and leaves quietly. Heels beat down LuFisto until Kraven comes out for the save. LuFisto challenges both of them to a tag match for the August 1st show.

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