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Nicole Matthews Blogs About PWWA Debut + SHIMMER Title Match, Other Matches Announced

Current ECCW SuperGirls Champion and one half of the Canadian NINJAs, Nicole Matthews, has written a blog for the PWA Australia website about her Australian (and PWWA!) debut. In the blog, she talks about the first ever international SHIMMER title defense and her opponents – current reigning champion Madison Eagles, and Jessie McKay.

My name is Nicole Matthews.

If you don’t know that name, you should. You should know your next SHIMMER champion. I was the longest reigning SHIMMER Tag Team Champion alongside Portia Perez. I am the current ECCW Women’s Champion, and have dominated the female wrestling scene in Canada.

In the last 5 years, I have became a household name in independent wrestling. I debuted in 2006, and it only took me a year and a half to debut in SHIMMER, the most prestigious female wrestling company in North America. I like to think of myself as a trail blazer, in fact. If it wasn’t for the enormous success of me, the ‘young’ generation of SHIMMER, including Jessie McKay and Kellie Skater, wouldn’t have even been looked at. You’re welcome ladies!

Everyone is making a big deal out of this match being held outside of North America, which of course it is. But hello?! Everyone should be making a big deal because this is Nicole Matthew’s first SHIMMER title match! It is a long time coming, and I’m ready for it. With my series of matches with her in SHIMMER, I know Jessie McKay very well. And as much as I don’t like to praise other wrestlers, I’ve always been a fan of Madison Eagles, and believe me, I’ve been studying. I’ve only been in the ring with Madison once. As a matter of fact, it was her debut match in SHIMMER, teaming with Jessie against Portia Perez and I. How fitting that MY debut in PWWA will be in a match with the two of them!

This triple threat will, of course, be a great match, but that’s none of my concern. These Aussie fans are not fans I need to please or entertain. I’ll let Jessie worry about the fan pandering, as she’s seemingly an expert at it.

On September 3rd, history will be made. It’ll mark the first time the SHIMMER title has been defended outside of America. And of course, it will begin the long reign of Nicole Matthews as SHIMMER Champion. I have often been touted as the future of women’s wrestling, and now, the future is near.

PWA Australia have announced that Nicole will also be in action on their show on September 2nd, facing off against fan favourite Shazza McKenzie. They also announced today that “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater will be taking on New Zealand’s Evie on the PWWA show September 3rd. Both shows will be held next weekend at the Liverpool Masonic Center in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia.

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