Monday, March 4, 2024

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Nidia Comes Out of the Woodworks

For those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet, Delphia Entertainment has just received the opportunity of a brief interview with former WWE Diva Nidia!

Nidia Guenard Interview

With all of the gossip and allegations surrounding Nidia’s rumoured involvement in this year’s Miss Wrestlemania match, nostalgic Nidia fans alike were disappointed to discover it untrue. Regardless, Nidia looks as gorgeous and vivacious as ever. Now a mother, Nidia looks incredibly fit and joins the likes of Sable in showing that there is life after wrestling. Candice should take note! Although it’s been long since she’s laced up a pair of wrestling boots, it’s refreshing to see Nidia looking just as great, if not better than she did back in 2004. Unfortunately, Nidia is not keen to the world of the interwebs which is almost unheard of nowadays, especially since the conception of Twitter. It’s no secret that the Diva fans are some of the most creative in the world. So perhaps, this will motivate some of you internet experts who still remain fans of this lovely ex-Diva. We don’t care who you’re wearing, Nidia, you look fabulous!

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