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NXT TakeOver Predictions: Charlotte vs. Natalya for the Women’s Title

Tonight at NXT Takeover, Charlotte and Natalya will go head to head in the finals of the NXT Women’s Title tournament. Who will claim the vacant title? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Bobby: To be honest, the excitement for the Divas match at Takeover just isn’t here for me in the way it was for Arrival. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that Natalya is in the finals to crown their Women’s Champion over someone like Bayley or Sasha Banks who has been killing it every single week and both deserves/could have greatly benefited from getting such a spotlight put on them, but it is what it is and I’m not really here for it. Honestly, I don’t think the match is as clear cut as a lot of people because I could so see them putting the belt on Natalya and having her promote the division on Total Divas to get it some form of exposure, but I’m going to go with Charlotte winning just because I honestly might have a mental breakdown if she doesn’t. Plus she 100% deserves it for how incredible she’s become in only the past four months. It’s almost like I’m watching an entirely different person from when she debuted and I couldn’t be happier for her in stepping up so much. Not many people originally thought her joining the BFFs was going to fit or made any sense, but she took those complaints and stomped them right into the ground by vastly improving in every department (ring skills, mic skills, acting ability, even her gear/look) known to man. Charlotte is such a star now and if anything is to come from the Divas match at Takeover (besides it being a good match which I’m sure it will be) and this tournament as a whole, I hope it’s getting to see all of her amazing transformations and all of her hard work pay off.

Chris: I’m really excited for what I like to dub “Clash of the Generations”. Say what you will about Nattie being in the finals but I’m really excited about these two facing off. I think it’s pretty obviously that Charlotte will walk away with the victory. I’m excited to see Bret Hart and Ric Flair ringside and what future angles we’ll see with Charlotte as champion! (Kendall Skye call up and push please!) Back to this match-up, I look forward to seeing what these two pull off in the ring during this match; Nattie and Charlotte have worked well together in the past so I think with the “big lights” on bright they will shine even greater. Both girls are looking to carry on the family legacy, but I think Charlotte walks away with the gold!

Cryssi: So while I’m not entirely happy that Charlotte and Natalya are in this match, I still have to pick a winner. There is zero reason for Nattie to win this match when the entire reason Paige was stripped of the title is because she’s on the main roster. I mean, really? That being said, I’m not at all sold on Charlotte being a champion in any respect so unless some super swerve happens, I’m going to irritated with the outcome. So that being said, I’m picking Natalya to win this match. After she celebrates her win, I expect her to be stripped of the title since she’s on the main roster and the title get awarded to Sasha Banks. Because, why not?

Eleri: As much as I’d like for WWE to put the belt on Natalya, I don’t see things going her way tonight. I foresee Charlotte picking up the win and for Natalya to flip the switch and turn heel. She’s good when she’s good, but she’s best when she’s bad!

Erin: I said on Diva Dirt Weekly that I believe this whole tournament is just setting the stage for Charlotte to take the title. We saw her set her sights on the belt right after ArRIVAL, and Paige’s departure provided the perfect opportunity to grab that brass ring. With Natalya as her opponent, it seems even more obvious that the stars have aligned for her to get that major push. In defeating Natalya and winning the title, it gives credibility not only to Charlotte, but the title and NXT’s Divas division as well. It will show that while NXT may be the “minor leagues”, they’re nipping at the heels of the main roster Divas. Charlotte will win this match and lead that charge.

Jack: Takeover: WOO! I think it’s pretty obvious that Charlotte will take this one. Yes, it is plausible that Natalya would be able to be NXT Women’s Champion as she’s not the WWE Divas Champion (the reason Paige was stripped of the NXT Women’s Title) or even in the main roster title picture, yet NXT is all about the next generation, of which Natalya is not. I simply believe her involvement in the tournament finals means Charlotte can get an even bigger rub and become the second-ever NXT Women’s Champion. If Natalya wins, I eat my shoe and provide photographic evidence on Twitter. Charlotte wins.

BREAKDOWN: 5 for Charlotte, 1 for Natalya.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong?

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