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NXT Watch (March 13th, 2013): Emma Reports to Summer School

Good’aye ladies and gents, and welcome to this weeks NXT watch. Last time we met, we had six Divas do battle with only three leaving victorious as well as an interview with the resident first lady of the joint, Summer Rae. In it, Summer vowed that in seven days, Emma would face the same fate that Paige did, or that Renee Young will likely see if Summer doesn’t come through on her quest of vendetta. So readers, who would you rather see sent to summer school between Emma and Renee Young? Yes, if you can’t tell I kind of don’t know what to say in these intro paragraphs very often so let me spare you anything else and just get right into the action.

The jivey upbeat tune of wisdom that is Emma’s theme hits, and out dances the wacky Australian flailing her arms around to Emmatain us all. After a slightly more successful attempt to get inside the ring than the last time we saw her, the music cuts off so I can only assume Emma has either stopped dancing or just continued on with Summer Rae’s theme. Speaking of the blond bombshell, Summer is here! She instructs the camera man to keep it moving, before hopping up onto the top rope and executing her signature pose. From there, the bell sounds and we start off with a roll up courtesy of Emma.

She goes for another, but Summer counters and goes for one of her own. Luckily for Emma though, she is able to run forth into the ropes and send Summer flying back. A kick and a hairmare follow suit, that of which sends Summer seated in the corner. Emma then proceeds to execute some more of her signature dance craze that’s sweeping the nation, before running forward with a really nice crossbody. Summer now begs for forgiveness, but the only form of acceptance Emma presents her with is a mockery of her hairflip. Rae tries to drop toe hold Emma into the ropes, but Emma stops it from happening. Summer gets a kick in, and follows that up with a set of snapmares that leave Emma’s legs crashing into the ropes. Summer now starts to target the leg and applies an Indian deathlock! Emma tries to fight it, but Summer ends up countering on her own into a completely different submission hold where she keeps the Indian deathlock applied, while choking Emma with her other foot! Summer is STILL not done writing her novel on 10,000 ways to wonderfully execute an Indian deathlock, for she turns it into a unique pinning attempt.

Never one to be upstaged, Emma turns that pin attempt into her own! Only for a two count, however. Summer hits a dropkick that sends Emma flying, as she now starts screaming at Emma and booting her in the chest ala Paige. In another attempt to channel her inner anti-Diva, she executes Paige’s signature scream, but too much stalling allows Emma to plant her with a boot! She rolls through and hits a lariat, but her leg is too damaged. Nevertheless, she gets in a sunset flip before being drilled with a spin kick by Summer for the uno… dos… tres! Summer gets the win, but her celebration is short lived as out comes the anti-Diva! Paige charges for Summer and even grabs her boot, but Summer escapes just in time and runs through the crowd while Paige taunts her and poses for the NXT universe.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed Summer and Emma’s match a lot. Whenever a Diva works over a body part and the other actually displays the effects, you can never go wrong. Between Summer’s continued variations of the Indian deathlock, Emma actually limping towards the end and making it known how Summer’s moves have shown damage to her leg, and Paige charging out at the end forcing Rae to run through the crowd, tonight pretty much had everything I could’ve hoped for all in one. Last week I think, I said how I hoped Paige’s return was handled like a moment and she didn’t just walk out for a match one week, so while it wasn’t backstage like I originally thought it could be, it was still great and I loved it. Here’s to many more outings of this Summer Rae/Paige feud, and perhaps using it to catapult the division into introducing a female title? Okay, maybe I’m a little hopeful with that last part, but we’ve now gotten to see Paige, Summer, Emma, Sasha, and Audrey in the mix. Perhaps Charlotte, Bayley, and Anya will debut soon to give us enough for a tournament, or they could always add Aksana in place if one isn’t ready yet since she seems to be in the most NXT matches when it comes to main roster Divas. Who knows? But the future is looking bright that’s for sure.

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