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Raw Redux (January 13th, 2014): Are You Not Emmatained?!

It’s with a heavy heart that this begins with mentioning the great Mae Young. She passed away last night after spending the past week fighting for her life. Mae Young was the very definition of vivacious and tough, and more than anything she was so very passionate about what she did for a living. As sad as her passing is, her life was remarkable as well as admirable. Not many people get a chance to fully live their life on their own terms and from what we got to see of her, Mae definitely did that. It’s hard to find a person that I personally respect more than the late, great Mae Young and her presence will be missed greatly. I can only hope and smile at the thought that now she’s with the Fabulous Moolah and together, they can start a party that’s going to be the talk of all eternity.

My first post of 2014 is delayed, that’s for sure. Real life has gotten in the way big time. Not that any explanation is needed but obviously it’s annoying to me that I’m just now getting a chance to relax. Being late always sucks – be it a Diva Dirt post or monthly visitor. Not being able to talk about Raw ASAP is about as miserable as a pregnancy scare. I mean, do we really care about Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee versus Cameron and Naomi on Wednesday? Does it even matter now that Emma showed up on WWE television??

Okay. Who am I kidding? It totally matters.

I’m not one to sit here and nitpick the way a new Diva debuts. Emma simply holding a sign in the crowd is just whatever to me. Thanks to NXT she’s already established as a face and character, and that’s exactly what this brief little stint did on Raw. It let us know that when she does step inside that ring, she’s going to be exactly what we’ve been seeing and despite how brief this was, it’s not something people are going to forget.

It would be hard for the ‘E to just randomly drop her after showing that. Not saying that they won’t, but it’s doubtful. Emma is an exceptional talent and as someone who’s loved her since her Tenille Tayla days in SHIMMER I could not be more excited and happy that she’s finally going to fulfill her dream of being in the WWE. Congrats, Emma!

Anyway, there was a match that took place after the Emma crowd shot. Tamina and AJ got a nice win over the Funkadactyls.

It was a very good showing for Cameron as she got completely dominated by both Tamina and our soon-to-be recording breaking champion, AJ. As of Raw, AJ was at day 211, second all time to Maryse and the shining wizard she finished Cameron off with to win the match was a thing of beauty.

Cameron has improved so much this year and I find it a bit sad that we didn’t get to see her work AJ a little more. AJ is Dolph-like with her selling and it would have made Cameron look even more amazing. On the other side, as basic as Tamina is, what she does works for her. She’s supposed to be a powerhouse and she’s finally found a comfort in that role. Being paired with AJ kind of rejuvenated her WWE stint because it wasn’t like she had a lot going on before that. I think I’m one of the ones who now want to see the two partners feud, as it’s only fitting should they end up getting split up.

The post-match antics lead me to believe that we could see another tag, or even a singles match. Should we get AJ versus Naomi again, I sure as hell won’t complain. I’ll just sit back and relax, and enjoy. Regardless of what comes out of this, if anything, I got an enjoyable little tag match and a promise of something new.

I couldn’t as for a better start to my 2014 wrestling wise. Really excited to see the Divas continue to evolve and see their stars shine even brighter.

Until next week…. Namaste :-)

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