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Results & Photos from NCW Femmes Fatales VIII: Match Becomes No DQ, Time Limit Reached & More

Results from Saturday’s Femmes Fatales show in Montreal courtesy of the promotion:

Click the photos to see them in full size, and check out the full gallery at Slam!.

Pre Show: Missy eliminates Anna Minoushka in a match that also included Mary Lee Rose and Milouu.

1. Sweet Cherrie was able to pull out the victory against Portia Perez after she was able to reverse Portia’s Superkick into a roll up. Portia took the mic after and asked Sweet Cherrie to find herself a partner for July 7th because Nicole Matthews will be in town.

2. Kellie Skater was able to apply her Skate or Die to “Pink Flash” Kira in a highly competitive match.

3. Rhia O’Reilly had a nice welcome from Montreal crowd, but it was not enough as She Nay Nay was able to put her in an arm bar for the win.

The Midwest Militia (Jessicka Havok, Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay) are announced for FF IX on July 7th.

4. In one of the best match of Femmes Fatales history, there was no winner in the match that was opposing Cheerleader Melissa and Hailey Hatred after the time limit of 20 minutes plus 5 more minutes granted by Femmes Fatales direction. Match was followed by first standing ovation of the night.

5. Jessie McKay got the win against Angie Skye with the Boyfriend Stealer in a fast paced match.

6. It was a real dream match between Jazz and LuFisto as the match was converted in a no DQ after the two of them used their championship belts. LuFisto was able to pull out the victory after her Mangalizer on a pile of chairs.

7. In the Main Event of the evening, Kalamity retained her nCw International Femmes Fatales Championship against Mercedes Martinez by reversing her Fisherman Buster with an inside craddle. In the match, Mercedes pulled the referee in front of her while Kalamity was in the way to do her diving elbow. Aftermatch saw Mercedes hitting Kalamity with several chair shots until LuFisto made the save and a big fight started between LuFisto and Mercedes before the security and referees were able after a couple of minutes to stop them.

Photo credit: Minas Panagiotakis.

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