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SmackDown Redux (August 29th, 2014): AJ is Like a Box of Chocolates…

Hello all, and welcome to another edition of the SmackDown Redux! This week, Divas Champion Paige goes head to head with her old NXT rival, Emma. Can the Anti-Diva take out the Bubbly One, or will Emma dance her way to victory? Check out the match below:

We kick off the match with Emma already in the ring. Paige is out next, and we are shown the video of the events that transpired on Monday Night Raw between AJ Lee and Paige. The referee signals for the bell and our match is underway.

Emma starts off by taunting the champ with her signature dance, and gets shoved to the mat for her trouble. Paige skips around her opponent, and Emma catches her unaware for a nearfall. Paige takes the wind out of Emma’s sails with a kick to the gut, followed by an Irish whip across the ring. Paige tries to follow up, but eats a see-saw kick to the head. Emma goes for a top rope crossbody, but the champion pulls her off the top rope and locks in the PTO for the win.

Post-match, AJ Lee comes out with a box of chocolates for the champ. After some persistent persuasion from AJ, Paige eats one, only to spit it at the former Divas champion.

Thoughts: Oh, WWE… Why did that have to be a squash match? We all know that Paige and Emma have amazing chemistry,  and I would loved to see a longer match. Not looking for a PPV quality match, but a 1 minute squash does not hit the spot.

Moving on…

This rivalry is giving me Mickie/Trish vibes in a way. Remember when Trish turned the tables and started harassing Mickie? That’s exactly what this seems like. If that feud is any indication, I expect Paige to snap anytime now, adding some much needed fuel to the expected title match at Night of Champions. I’m predicting a Paige breakdown sometime in the next week,  mark my words.

Well, that’s it for this week, guys. Until next time… “EAT ONE!!!”

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