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Southern Belle Smack: 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Fashion Edition

There are few things in this world that I love more than fashion, so excuse me if the WWE Hall of Fame banquet is basically my favorite event of WrestleMania week. The Divas, past and present, as well as the Superstar wives, always bring their version of the best outfit, and today, I’m here to count those looks down.

I’ve got ten of the best, as well as a few what the hell were they thinking. Those are never fun, but it wouldn’t be a true fashion post if we didn’t have those, now would it?

[media-credit name=”Photo: Layla/Instagram” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#10: Layla & Michelle McCool

I suppose I could have made a case from them separately, but lets be honest, they belong together. For the longest time, Michelle McCool and Layla were the shining lights of a dismal Diva’s division, beacons of hope so to speak. While Layla remained, Michelle left to pursue motherhood and a nice, normal home life. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t missed. She still looks amazing, that’s for sure. As far as the dress goes, it isn’t my favorite, but only Michelle could pull off something so short and so lowcut. She’s always had one of the best Diva figures and it was definitely on display at the HOF. I think her hair would have looked better pulled back without the bangs, but that’s just me. Layla’s dress was great. It was simple with just enough bling to make it pop on stage as she escorted the Hall of Famers off, and I’m loving the new hair. She never appears to age and I suppose we could say that both of them looked…. FLAWLESS!!!

[media-credit name=”Photo: Eden/Instagram” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#9: Eden

While not my favorite look of the night by any means, Eden’s gorgeous face and banging body pulled off a simple, dark colored dress (it looked dark green onscreen, dark navy in pictures) that I feel complimented her well. It was cut just right at the top to make it classically sexy and her hair and make-up definitely fired on all cylinders. In fact, she probably had one of my top two favorite hairstyles of the night. It was pretty, feminine, and understated. She looked so good!

[media-credit name=”Photo: Rosa Mendes/Instagram” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#8: Rosa Mendes

Peek-A-Boo! We “almost” see you! WOW!! ROSA!!! GIRL!!!! She somehow managed to bring the sexy to the Hall of Fame without it being trashy. The detailed part of the dress was sparkly and intricate, and managed to dip just low enough to cover what it needed to cover. The dress had a sheer, nude-colored skirt that showed off Rosa’s long legs and left little to the imagination. It’s so hard to be sexy and maintain an air of class, and Rosa, while walking the fine line, never crossed it. Small jeweled earrings and great hair completed the look. The only thing I would have done differently, is maybe added a little more color in terms of make-up. A rose colored lipstick would have totally made the look.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#7: Brooke Hogan & the Hogan Family

From Mrs. Hogan’s earrings (I need them in my life) to Brooke’s AMAZING dress, to their patriach looking the best he’s looked in years, the family completely brought it in terms of the HOF red carpet. Nick could have thrown on a jacket and tie, but his date, Brit Manuela, would have overshadowed him anyway. She was so beautiful, that Nick went and posted an amazing picture of them on his Instagram ( Brooke’s dress was very showy, and not in a bad way. I loved the color and how it fit her body. She’s always been so pretty to me, anyway, and I got a little excited seeing her last night. As far as Mr. and Mrs. Hogan go, Hulk looked so dapper in his tux. It was completely him, with the match bandana, and his wife looked so good. They really do make a great couple, and her dress was another peek-a-boo type. I love sheer bottoms, and the beading and whatnot was perfect. Great looking family. And yes, Brooke’s man looked steller too!

#6: Paige

Paige was definitely my surprise of the night! For someone who doesn’t do “girly” or “feminine”, she rocked the red carpet last night while continuing to be herself. Her dress was gorgeous, made of black lace, and accessorized perfectly for her. I loved the necklace and cocktail ring. I loved her make-up. I thought her hair looked great, even though some people thought that maybe she should wear it up. But what I loved most about the whole ensemble was her shoes. Instead of rocking sky-high heels, the Anti-Diva opted for comfort and shoved her feet into a pair of Doc Martens. Somehow, it worked, and I feel confident in saying that only Paige could pull something like that off. What a great look! She looked absolutely SMASHING!!!!

[media-credit name=”Photo: Cameron/Instagram” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#5: Cameron & Vinnie

Okay, first of all it takes a lot balls to rock a bright yellow suit and that’s exactly what Vinnie did last night at the Hall of Fame. Secondly, what a beautiful couple! Ohmygod, they looked so amazing! I LOVE yellow. I truly do. It’s one of the hardest colors in the spectrum to pull off and those two did it with very little effort. I can only assume it was Cameron’s idea for them to wear matching outfits, and it was a great one. She looked lovely in her gown, which had a nice mix of sheer fabric, lace, and beading. Hair and make-up was perfect for the look. He’s so handsome and such a keeper. They absolutely stunned last night and neither one of them seemed to have any two you know what to give.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#4: Lita

Seriously, does she not get better with age? Her look last night was so perfectly her that I could not even. Very few women could pull off the dress/shoe combination that Lita put together last night. I loved that she donned a short dress, and the sweetheart neckline gave the bold stripes a very girly touch. Her shoes definitely stole the show, thought. They were highheeled bodies and went far beyond anything… ever. Only Lita. I loved her hair, how it was done in soft, flowy waves. I just seriously can not say enough positive things about how fantastic she looked last night. In my humble opinion, she topped her look from last year. Only Lita.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#3: Nikki Bella & John Cena

To be completely fair, the top three from last night could all be number one, but I couldn’t justify a three-way tie. So thus we start with “Nena”, who are definitely the most attractive couple in sports entertainment. When it comes to fashion, Nikki Bella never gets it wrong. She’s so beautiful and so sexy, that I was a little surprised she went with such an understated look last night. I loved the detail of the dress on her shoulder, and I’m sad we never got a shot at the shoes she was wearing. Her best accessory, her beau, looked very handsome. John Cena has always proven he can dress for the occassion and last night was no different. They are such a perfect looking couple!!! I loved them last night.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#2: Maryse

This woman does no wrong and last night was no exception. She completely upstaged her gorgeous hubby!!! Maryse has always been an icon to us Diva fans when it comes to fashion. Her sense of style is so spot on, every single time. She dresses for her body, takes risks, and isn’t afraid to add a little something something to take her look over the top. She did admit that The Miz (who has great style as well) picked the dress, but the way she styled it was all her own. Maryse’s make-up was perfect. The darker-than-usual-for-her lipstick definitely made the look. She even posted on Instagram that the color was “Cathedral” by Urban Decay. Thank you! I’m so picking up that color when I go to Ulta today. Maryse. Red carpet. Fashion. Match. Made. In. Superficial. Heaven.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#1: Brie Bella

Surprise! Last night’s best dressed is none other than the Queen, the perfection known as Brie Bella. Yes, she’s my favorite Diva. And no, that’s not why I’m picking her as the best dressed. Even if I hated her, I still would have selected her because she embodied everything that she is and put it into the most amazing red carpet worthy look. She kept with her boho sense of style and went with a simple, elegant red dress that fit her body like a glove. I loved the neckline, the back was lovely, and the stand out piece was definitely the arm cuff. I loved her hair. It was my favorite from last night, by far. The Bellas seem to do nothing but win these days, and I have to say, that Daniel Bryan looked HOT last night. There’s just something about a man bun…

For everything that was great about last night’s fashion, there were some duds. And two of those duds came from people I didn’t expect.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#3: Naomi

Okay! Now this look wasn’t nearly as bad as it seems, BUT Naomi is capable of so much more. She’s always so colorful and fun with her fashions that I felt she looked pretty matronly with her Hall of Fame choices. I did like how carefree her hair was, but much like her fashion, her make up was muted as well. It sucks and it’s a shame because Naomi is such a bright light when it comes to what she wears. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. She’s so much better than that.

[media-credit name=”Photo:” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#2: Renee Young

I’ll never understand this woman. She has perfect hair. She has a perfect complexion. Her make up is always so cute. Her boyfriend is super hot. And she can not dress for the big occasion. Whoever told her that dress was okay last night did her so, so wrong. It sucks. Her hair and make up were so old Hollywood and glamorous, but the frumpy, flattening dress was horrible for her petite frame. It wasn’t exactly a fashion disaster but it was borderline close.

[media-credit name=”Photo: Alicia Fox/Instagram” align=”aligncenter” width=”620″][/media-credit]

#1: Alicia Fox

It’s no secret that Alicia Fox is a Diva Dirt favorite. We love her because she’s stylish, quirky, beautiful, personable, and hands down one of the nicest people you could ever meet in person. That’s why this is so hard for me to type. She missed it big time last night at the HOF. Her gown was a mess of feathers and teal, and looked like one of Summer Rae‘s left over dance costumes hacked up and sewed together to make a ball gown. What’s even more unfortunate is she looked so pretty otherwise. Why, Alicia? Why?

Well there you guys have it! Other people who stood last night were Alundra Blayze for her gorgeous, beaded, two piece that showed off her smoking hot body. The entire Warrior family from Dana to the girls. Dana looked so pretty in pink and I loved that she had on her Connor’s Cure bracelets. The girls looked so age appropriate and elegant; they’re both super cute and adorable. I thought Roman Reigns and his WAG looked AMAZING together. I loved her red dress and simple makeup. She definitely has a delicate beauty that doesn’t need a lot of make up to stand out. I’ll also give a shout out to Natalya, who ended up making a safe choice that looked good. Her Instagrams of the potentials during the week had me really freaked out. I’m so glad she opted for a much better option.

Agree with my choices? Disagree? Sound off in comments. Until next time!

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