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Stephanie McMahon’s 5 Best Singles Matches

2/3. Stephanie McMahon vs Lita, RAW August 21, 2000. 

The first-ever main event women’s match on Monday Night Raw, we saw Stephanie and Lita do battle. Lita challenged Stephanie for the Women’s Title two prior occasions and were unsuccessful due to outside interference from Tori and Kurt Angle respectively. Stephanie managed to win each match by acting like a vulture and pinning her downed opponent without breaking out a single wrestling hold or move.

On this night, we saw Stephanie break out her first moves and defend her rarely-defended Women’s Title. For her first full-length single’s match, she did well for herself. The match was a bit slow at parts, but she hung in there, breaking out DDTs, monkey flips, and sold Lita’s offense like a champ. She showed in this match that she had potential and could have the goods if she actually deigned to wrestle regularly. 

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