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Stephanie McMahon’s 5 Best Singles Matches

2/3. Stephanie McMahon vs Sable, Vengeance, 2003. 

Stephanie and Sable met in 2003 at Vengeance after trading attacks, having a food fight, and an entirely entertaining fight in Mr. McMahon’s dressing room after Sable whacked the snot out of Stephanie with a clipboard. Much like Trish before her, Sable, though being a former Women’s Champion, was not a wrestler. It was stated in her former contract that she wasn’t allowed to take bumps, so the people were curious as to how this would play out, especially since Stephanie wasn’t exactly Molly Holly in the ring. Both women did well.

Sable sold Stephanie’s offense better than could ever be expected, and she got her ass kicked; for her part she looked at a couple of moments to daze Stephanie with those hard kicks, and Stephanie was able to get the crowd on her side when it was her time to rally. She was vicious. Melodrama and good storytelling reigned supreme. This was also the first match where Stephanie found herself on equal footing against her opponent. She was dominated by Lita, she dominated Trish, but when Sable and she did battle, both traded the advantage. It’s not a scientific, catch as catch can match, but they didn’t need it to be. That being said, much like in her match with Lita, those forearms she throws…they were kind of tragic. 

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