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Stephanie McMahon’s 5 Best Singles Matches

Welcome to the Queendom, where the Kings bow down, and relinquish the crown, y’all gonna hate me now, I just turn that around and make you love me, love me, love me. 

When we hear that blast through any WWE arena, we know it signifies the entrance of one Stephanie  McMahon. Crazy as it is to believe, she has been gracing our screens for over 21 years. Starting off as a shy, cherubic young woman with a high, shrill voice and rosy complexion to a low voiced verbal assassin who is one of the best talkers in recent WWE memory. As accustomed as we are to see her on our screens, you’d know she has also mixed it up as a wrestler. However, to my great surprise, I discovered that Stephanie has only ever been in 25 total matches since her debut in 1998. She’s only had five full, competitive singles matches, and we’re going to rank them here and now. 

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