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Stephanie McMahon’s 5 Best Singles Matches

  1. Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus, No Way Out, 2001. 

This match, aside from being one of my all-time favorites, was in my opinion, her best match. The build-up was great, the catfighting and insults were great, the only question was, could they deliver? She and Trish were short on wrestling ability, but they played to their strengths and delivered a very entertaining, hard-hitting match. Stephanie delivered short-armed clotheslines, flying clotheslines, and powerbombs while eating a nasty DDT herself at the hands of Trish, and appearing to get stomped about the face and neck. Both women shocked the world with their performance.

The showmanship from Stephanie in particular was a sight to see. She looked angry, she snarled and was downright vicious. She dominated most of the match, but when it came to getting as she gave, she did very well taking what Trish dished out. Stephanie has the unique ability to draw fans in with her melodrama that makes her a good worker, even if as a wrestler she is limited. Looking at the match, even though she was a heel, then she managed to get the crowd on her side, and looked and acted every bit the role of the HBIC trying to shut down the upstart. She taught Trish the hard way that she was all grown up and that she was the dominant female in the WWF.

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