Friday, December 1, 2023

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Sunny Strikes Again: Bella Twins Are New Victims

There’s a reason why you guys voted Sunny to win the ‘Bitch, Please’ accolade during the Hot Mess Awards last year. Her tirade against Lacey Von Erich helped mar any legacy she may have had left in the wrestling industry but that isn’t stopping Sunny from striking again.

This time, Sunny — real name Tammy Sytch — took to her Facebook page to comment about the Bella Twins getting ‘chubby’ over the holidays. She writes:

“There’s no excuse for any of those girls in their early 20s to get a little chubby. Wait until they hit 35 and everything slows the f–k down. Then what? They are getting paid to look a certain way. If I was there right now, I’d weigh 118 f–king skinny ass pounds again!”

Newsflash: You aren’t there right now. It comes across as Tammy being a little bitter watching these new girls and thinks it should be her. And for a woman who has spent the past decade or so fluctuating her own weight, it’s laughable that she’d criticise others.

The Bellas look just fine [see Monday’s Raw], in fact, if anything I’d like to see a little more meat on their bones. It’s ridiculous that people criticise girls for being ‘too fat’ and others for being ‘too thin’, when they all look healthy. It only perpetuates a negative message to young women watching at home who look up to these girls.

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