How’s that for a fast turnaround? TNA has uploaded a brand new Knockouts webmatch between Madison Rayne and Tara which was only taped on Tuesday night. Watch below:

Madison is first out to the ring with Lacey Von Erich in toe. Tara walks down to the ring a little bare, now that she is without her Knockouts Championship thanks to Lock Box-gate, the name of which is ridiculed by Taz. Our sentiments exactly, Taz.

As Tara poses in the ring with her pet tarantula, Poison, Madison flees the ring for her life seeking solace in Lacey VE. Madison eventually gets back in the ring and tries to act sexy and it comes off super unnatural. I have never bought Madison as ‘the sexy bitchy girl’ and I still don’t. Not to say she hasn’t worked hard in trying to develop into the role, but I still see the girl next door trying to act all sexy~ and it’s all awkward looking. Imagine Taylor Swift gyrating. Yeah… not pretty.

With Tara ‘mesmerized’ by her Kelly Kelly-like dancing, Madison goes for a kick but Tara grabs her leg and slams her down on the mat before mounting Rayne and hitting her with several haymakers. I’d like to think that Tara is unloading her tension over the night before here. Tara hits a scoop slam, takes off her top [as you do] and hits a beautiful standing moonsault into a cover but no dice.

Tara hits a chop on Madison, irish whips her into the ropes but Madison reverses resulting in Lacey from the outside, tripping her up. Lacey shows off her ‘smart thinking’, meanwhile Tara tries to grab her hair but is attacked from behind by Rayne. Rayne chokes Tara in the corner before laying her over the middle rope and choking her with her leg. Rayne kicks Tara in the stomach then bounces off the ropes with a big boot to the head… quite an unusual but pleasantly surprising move there. She goes for a cover but the former champion kicks out.

Rayne chops Tara into the corner then throws her into the opposing corner and runs at her. Tara uses the ropes to elevate herself and jumps atop of Madison and goes over the ropes for the tarantula, hooking Rayne’s legs. As she breaks the hold, Lacey seems to be plotting something and distracts Tara which results in Rayne bringing her in the hard way and kicks her in the back. Then, and here’s something unique, she wraps her legs around Tara’s legs, turns over and repeatedly slams Tara’s head into the mat. Well, okay then! Madison then crawls across the ring towards the camera, equally as awkwardly as her ‘sexy dance’ earlier. Rayne then goes for a pin but no 3 count.

Madison now applies a headlock on Tara but she eventually mounts a comeback, getting on her feet and tossing Madison onto the canvas. The two then struggle to get back up before Madison walks into several haymakers from Tara. The former Knockouts Champ then hits a spinning side slam and goes for the pin but Rayne kicks out. Tara tries to get Rayne on her feet however she counters with a rake to the eyes. Tara eventually irish whips Rayne into the ropes and hits the Widow’s Peak for the 1, 2, 3.

Good match with Madison getting more offense than I have seen in quite some time. However, for someone who is one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Madison sure does lose an awful lot. With a depleted Knockouts roster, and barely any tag teams, it’s not as though the belts mean much anyway so there’s that. Again, I’m not buying Madison’s character and think she would be far better served as a babyface rising through the ranks but at this point, things aren’t about to change — someone’s gotta take all the beatings for The Beautiful People!