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TNA Webmatch: One Dirty Beatdown


In the mist of jam-packed Knockout action, TNA features ODB and Madison Rayne in a webmatch. As Madison Rayne begins to approach the ring, the first thing that strikes me is her unrecognizable entrance theme. In the very few times that Velvet Sky has wrestled alone, we’ve seen her enter with the Beautiful People’s music. Some fans have expressed some concern that Madison does just doesn’t cut it in Mi Pi Sexy – often even walking 10 paces behind the Beautiful People. Now while I don’t believe that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky deliberately keep Madison at arm’s length, I do feel that the separate music further disassociates her. I was so perturbed by Madison’s desperate grasp at textbook heel tactics that I have personally dubbed her as TNA’s version of Rosa Mendes. Right down to the arrogant lean against the ring ropes – it screams of Rosa. Not to mention Madison’s attempt at stripper-esque moves to compensate for her relative lack of charisma.

You must excuse me for the numerous WWE references, but I feel compelled to mention the tiniest bit of nostalgia I get from watching ODB and Cody Deaner in remembrance of Jamie Noble and Nidia. Granted, I have yet to decide if that’s a good or bad thing.

ODB pulls herself away from her liquid courage long enough to initiate a lock-up with Madison – a basic wrestling manuever despite her attempt to cop a cheap feel at Madison’s behind. However, Madison gets the upperhand early in the match and proceeds to raid developmental Diva territory with the taunting. (For a split second there, I thought the girl was about to break out into the ‘sprinkler.’) ODB soon aims to make quick work of Madison, but Madison doesn’t say die just yet, much to the array of a disgruntled Cody Deaner. ODB continues the assault into the corner before Madison outsmarts her and leads her into a decent but borderline awkward neckbreaker and an unsuccessful cover. Madison then makes her way to the top only to follow up with a front dropkick. The missed opportunity very well costs Madison her initial momentum when ODB hulks up into a couple takedowns and a decisive missile dropkick. Before Madison can save face, ODB catches her in mid-air and delivers a fallaway slam. The onslaught seems neverending until ODB finally squashes a last attempt in the corner by Madison and slams her down for the pin.

Not exactly a candidate for one of the best matches in Knockouts history, this match qualifies for the quality you’d expect from a match nonexclusive to TNA televised programming. I found myself concentrating on trivial matters rather than the actual match. For instance, why the constant wardrobe-fidgeting, Madison? Apparently not adjusted to her newly acquired implants, I found Madison to be a funny contrast to ODB who brazenly embraces hers.

Now as it pertains to wrestling, Madison Rayne still delivers a much better showing against ODB than Velvet Sky did. On commentary, Mike Tenay was even quick to mention that Madison Rayne has seemingly taken a “backseat” to Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Whether or not Madison has proven that she belongs with the Beautiful People still remains in question. In terms of wrestling skill, I believe she has already surpassed the likes of Velvet Sky. Personality-wise, this Third Musketeer still leaves much to be desired.

Watch the match below:


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