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Top 10 Talkers in WWE History

Mykel’s Five Picks

Credit: WWE

First Pick: Ivory

If anyone has ever listened to kayfabe commentaries on YouTube you would know Ivory can talk. This is where Ivory has given her often frank, unvarnished opinions of working with Jackie, The Kat, and Chyna. From this, you know she can go for a long time. For me, Ivory is a sentimental pick, she was the first woman I ever saw speak, and I found her verbiage to be hilarious.

She could cut a hilarious promo on Mae Young and Moolah, calling them dinosaurs and telling them to strap on their Depends as she “beats every bit of irregularity out of (them) you”. Doing skits, like she did when she and Val Venis did a parody of an interview Chyna did with Jim Ross after they broke her neck caused great laughter.

She could even deliver a serious, before-her-time promo about how women should not be objectified by the male audience of the then-WWF:

Ivory could do it all; she even hosted The WWE Experience and guest commentated on Sunday Night Heat. Of her generation of women, she stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of her abilities on the mic.

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