Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Top 10 Talkers in WWE History

Fourth Pick: Trish Stratus

She was the Golden Girl of WWE. She was and still is very beautiful, classy, tough, good in the ring and good on the mic. Who could forget her promos on tables for Bubba Dudley? Who didn’t laugh (at the time) when Trish made fun of Molly’s backside, or when she imitated Mickie James? How about when she returned and told Jillian her voice was terrible? However great those moments were, her best work was as a heel in 2004.

She was irreverent, funny, and highly entertaining. She made fun of both Nidia, and Chris Jericho. Continuing her mockery, she mocked Christy Hemme during her Playboy unveiling, she also mocked her and Carmella Decesare during their Diva Search final. Her best work, however, was saved for Lita.

After slut-shaming her, Trish let out a barrage of wiry insults usually with a smile, wink or chuckle. She would call out her weight gain, telling her to open her heart (to Kane) just like she opened her legs, cut a whole promo on how she was the Walking Kiss Of Death, and then laid down this:

Trish was as well-rounded as any women’s wrestling fan could hope for, and her shady comments to this day make many laugh.

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