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Top 10 Talkers in WWE History

Credit: WWE

Third Pick: AJ Lee

This woman was far and away the best talker on the Diva’s side of things from 2013 to 2015. While doing commentary, she chided Jerry Lawler about his liking of young women by irritably telling him that she at 26 was too old for him.

She went head to head with two of the best to have ever done it on the mic, Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guererro. She cut entertaining promos and often verbally slaughtered her fellow divas week in and week out during her 295-day diva’s title reign.

Her most famous promo, of course, is her “Pipebombshell” that she released on the visibly upset cast of Total Divas. AJ had the rare ability to convincingly convey herself and her emotions to the fans, and the fans connected with her, and like her, believed in the conviction in which she spoke.

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