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Top 10 women’s wrestling moments of 2019

Tessa Blanchard becomes the number one contender for the IMPACT World Championship

Blanchard’s rise to becoming IMPACT’s biggest star and number one contender for IMPACT World Champion is nothing short than amazing.

After defeating Gail Kim at Rebellion, which saw Tessa go from the Knockout division’s top heel to the company’s newest babyface and top priority was just the beginning of her meteoric rise. Her status top of the card was solidified when she became involved in a bitter feud with OVE and at Slammiversary XVII she faced Sami Callihan in the first intergender match to ever headline a wrestling pay-per-view. The match was brutal and brilliant and despite losing it made Tessa a superstar gaining the respect of the fans and even her enemies in the process.

The feud with OVE would intensify and she would be added to the X-Division Championship Ladder Match at Bound for Glory in another unprecedented intergender match up on a major PPV.

Many applauded the move but were disappointed by the result. However, news broke that IMPACT had bigger things in mind for Tessa Blanchard.

Those big plans were unveiled when Sami Callihan would defeat Brian Cage for the IMPACT World Championship and it all became clear that Callihan and Blanchard would meet once more as she confronted the new champ after the match.

On the Nov, 19. episode of Impact!, Blanchard would defeat Moose, Daga, Micheal Elgin, Rich Swan and Brian Cage in an intergender gauntlet match to become the first-ever women to challenge for the IMPACT World Championship.

This historic main event match will take place at IMPACT’s Hard To Kill PPV, on Jan, 12, 2020, in Dallas, Texas.

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